Thursday, March 28, 2013

Greetings to my dearest friends and family…

As many of you remember back in 2002 I participated in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk.

 It was a three day-60 mile life-changing  journey.

I have wanted to do this again for many years, but because of my chronic health condition I have at times been unable to walk around the block let alone 1 mile or 60!

 But, PRAISE GOD….He has brought restoration to my body and I now feel like I can do it!!!

I have signed up for the 2 day – 39 mile walk in San Francisco in September 2013.

 I am so excited to help bring awareness to this dreaded disease that has struck close to home far too many times. 

I am making a plea to you for your help in reaching my requirement of raising $1800.

I have a couple of fundraisers in the works…..

The first one is a QUILT RAFFLE.

 My dear friend Mary Bowen created a gorgeous pink quilt for me to raffle off.

 For every $5 in donations I receive I will put your name into the raffle.


The other endeavor is a YARD SALE on Saturday May 4th at my house.

 I would appreciate any donations for this, which I hope to be my biggest boost in raising funds.  During that yard sale I will take the last donations for the Quilt raffle and then at noon we will draw the winners  name.

When I did the walk in 2002  I was able to raise MORE than I was required to and it was because of all of you who gave so generously. I am depending on that same love and support this time around. I could not have done it without you then and I cannot do it without you now!

Thank you for believing in me!!!


I am not certain why but this is no longer a direct link (so when you go there just select participant and then type in my name and it will take you to my page)