Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I have been waiting a very long time to make this announcement.
I am absolutely THRILLED to tell you about my new endeavor.
The thing I have been working on for YEARS!
My hearts work... my passion!!!

Some of you who know me well know all about the spiritual/physical journey I experienced on my 39th birthday...all those years ago!  ;)
 I walked from our home in the mountains to the TOP of the mountain and back; an 18 mile trek. During that experience God did a mighty work in me. I love sharing the story, how God moved in me and changed my life. My heart was forever changed from that day forward. Not that I have never struggled since, but I have a whole new sense of healing in my heart and soul. A healing from issues and wounds that had been there for a very long time, some since early childhood.
I began writing the moment I returned that October day in 1997 and was always intending it to be a BOOK sharing my experience and the lessons I learned.
Through the years I have heard many women speak of their similar struggles which always made me feel anxious to share my story. I wanted desperately to be able to offer them a resource that would help them walk through their own journey towards healing.
For years my "Mission Statement" has been "to share that which I know, have experienced, with other women to help them on their journey".
I long to help women heal from their woundedness , to become the strong effective women God created them to be. To embrace their story and all that has led them to this very place in life, nothing is wasted with God, He uses it ALL.  He longs to heal us from our brokenness, the wounds that we have carried around for so long. More than anything He wants us to be whole so we can be the effective women He created us to be. He has created each one of us with a perfect plan and purpose yet sometimes we get lost amidst the troubles, trials, struggles and pain of life.

Like I said, I had always intended to write a book, but the process began to shift, becoming "lessons" that I soon realized would be a curriculum.
This curriculum is called.....


What is SOUL STEPS exactly?

It is a seven-week curriculum created to walk women through their past issues, struggles, wounds, and into the freedom of Christ. Leading women through the process of knowing who they are and what they were created for. It begins with UPHILL, the first lessons which will lead you through the treacherous process of CLIMBING the mountain, doing the hard work of digging into your heart and purging the things that you have carried long enough.

Then we will have our own MOUNTAIN TOP experience, an actual time on the mountain, where the participants will have their own opportunity to process their wounds and release them there in the beautiful backdrop of nature where we can quiet ourselves and allow Him to speak to the depths of our hearts.

The curriculum continues in the section called DOWNHILL, which symbolizes the freedom from letting go of all of the burdens and heavy weights we have been carrying. This is the time I will encourage women to embrace who God created them to be, to do and be who He has always intended. He longs for you to live your life for Him, to love yourself and to show love to others. You cannot do that when you are stuck in your own issues.
We must move out of our defectiveness and into the place of effectiveness.

We end with a CELEBRATION!  A time of honoring and celebrating who we are.  I have a fun evening planned in my lovely backyard complete with patio party lights.  ;) 
(one of my favorite things!)

This seven week curriculum will begin on September 30th at Seven Oaks Country Club.
I would LOVE for you to join us!!
The cost of the course is $125 and that will include the seven meetings, the mountaintop experience, the downhill party, the curriculum, a personal journal and lots of other little goodies along the way.


Some changes happen in life whether you choose them or not. Some happen suddenly without warning and take you by surprise, forever changing the landscape of your life.

Then there are some that come after much consideration, lots of thoughtful, diligent prayer, after considering the cost and weighing the options. These kind of changes are often born of a prompting of the Holy Spirit, knowing that you are to step out and do that thing God has called you to do.

I tell other women that they are created wonderfully with a plan and purpose by their Creator. That God has intention for their lives and it is up to them to make themselves available and willing to do that which  burns within them.

It is in that spirit that I have made my decision to take big, bold steps out of my comfort zone into the land of the unknown.

 Today is the last day of my "office job" I have worked at for the last three years.

A job where I have come to know and love some amazing co-workers. A job that has taught me a great deal and stretched me in ways I appreciate. I have learned many lessons during these three years that I will certainly never forget. I have been blessed to work for friends who are thriving successful business people. They are the most hard-working, diligent, smart, industrious, generous family I have ever met!
As I get ready for this day I am feeling the emotion that comes with heart ties and leaving those who have been a part of my every day life.  It is striking me just how much I will miss each one of them!

On the flipside...I cannot wait to share what this journey is ahead of me, what I have been working on for YEARS! I plan to make that announcement tomorrow, the first day I do not get up and get ready for work at DMW Industries Inc.

Have a  beautifully blessed day dear ones!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Depression and that deep pit....

With so much in the news the past two days about depression following the devastating news of Robin Williams suicide, I felt a tug to share a little.
You see... I have battled that green-eyed-monster called "Depression".
It is a battle that, unless you too have fought, you probably cannot fully comprehend.

I have been hearing conversations about "How could anyone ever feel so low and desperate", "How could someone take their life when they have kids/wife/etc."

First off, it doesn't  make "sense". 
Depression is a pit of despair that makes even less sense to the person who struggles with that nasty issue. When you free fall into that pit of despair you have no sense of reality in the way that truly "makes sense." Something comes over you and overtakes your senses to the point of desperation.
It is a chemical imbalance that can cause great destruction if left untreated.

I will never forget the words of author/speaker Sheila Walsh when speaking of the depression she struggled with for years. She said that if you had diabetes you would take your insulin, same holds true for someone who struggles with depression; if they are in need of medication to balance them out, they should take their meds.
My own mother was diagnosed with bi-polar disease. It took it's toll on her and those around her.... this illness can be so harmful when untreated.

I guess my point is this; I want those of you who have "NO IDEA" how anyone could possibly feel THAT low and desperate, to have an insight into the window of desperation. There really is not a lot anyone can do, except acknowledge and be there for someone if & when you notice them retreating and falling into that pit. Unfortunately it is not always obvious or apparent, so throwing a life-line is not always an option. Maybe your eyes can be opened a bit more than they ever were before, maybe you will take notice of those around you who seem a little down or blue.

 Although it is never your responsibility to be sure someone is "ok",  it IS your work (for God) to reach out to those around you in hopes that you can build up and encourage them, which is all the more reason to be in-tune to His voice.

In light of our beloved comedian as well as so many others I can think of right now (Rick and Kay Warren's son, Marie Osmand's son....) Let us love and encourage one another in the Lord, let us be kind and considerate, let us be mindful and thoughtful.

Life can be tough, but always....GOD IS GOOD!!!!!

If you are the one in the pit, reach out!!!
 I am here for you!
 Others are here for you!
 Do not feel like you have no where to turn!
 I know that feeling, but it is fleeting, truly it is..... and if you can just move past it, you WILL feel better..... I PROMISE!!!!!

Much love and blessings!!!!
XO Sherry