Sunday, October 12, 2014

CHOICES....They are YOURS to make!

I feel bad....
Once my Soul Steps started up I just sort of dropped off and forgot all about my blog!  I have been consumed... thrilled to be using the lessons God has taught me in my own life to share with other women on their journey.
I have been blessed with the most amazing group of women who are hungry for God in their heart and life. These ladies come each week anxious and ready to hear what God has for them. I feel absolutely honored to be in the presence of such sweet souls.
We are at week # 2... The topic this week is OUR STORY.
 We all have a story and they all began exactly the same; we were knit together in our mother's womb.... Psalm 139 goes on to say that EACH one of us were fearfully and wonderfully made.
Our stories are the same, that is until the minute we took our first breath. Then life happened: circumstances, situations, people, all molded and shaped who we are today.

Much has happened that has taken our lifetimes to overcome and rebound from. Here is where the rubber meets the road....It all hinges on WHAT we do with these things. Do we allow them to make us bitter OR better? Do we allow the wounds of our past to keep us stuck OR do we get up out of that mirey clay and move forward as Christ would want?
Every day we make choices! Some times we make excuses...I made plenty of excuses until I came to the realization that those excuses did me no good, they only kept me stuck. If something is important to us we will figure it out, we choose.
Where are you on this journey my friend? Are you in the habit of making excuses for yourself or for the ones who have wounded you and kept you from living the life GOD wants for you?

Where are your choices taking you on this journey of life?

I am getting things lined up to announce the second SOUL STEPS to begin in the new year. If you are one who tried to make it work this time, but couldn't, then be ready to make a commitment in 2015 to make some forward SOUL STEPS in this fabulous journey with Christ!
I am also working on making an online version available, also in the new year.

Let me leave you with one of my new favorite quotes:

If something is important to  you , you will find a way OR you will find an excuse.

Sending you love and blessings!
XO Sherry