Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Let the New Year Begin......

Whether this has been a year of pleasure, pain, or a wild mix of both...it was undoubtedly a year that God was at work in your heart and life.
I for one feel like it was a year of tremendous highs and desperate lows. One that I am thankful I do not have to live over again, yet on the other hand one that I wish I could enjoy part of  once again.

Every year as the last page of the calendar turns over I find myself reminiscing and pondering the past. Not just the last year but the years before.
Tonite I am remembering the New Years Eve, many moons ago that I braved the cold and crowds along with my three kiddos as we camped out overnight in downtown Pasadena, California waiting for the annual Rose Parade. It was definitely a night we will always remember.
Most of our New Years Eves were spent at home playing games and sipping sparkling cider watching the ball drop in New York City Times Square and I remember those just as fondly.

All those years I was the only one who fessed up to  "making resolutions".  I still make resolutions/goals for the new year. I spend time pondering, reflecting and praying about the lessons of the past and the growth of the future.

I always have so much I want to accomplish, so much I hope to achieve. I find myself making lists and journaling my thoughts.
How about you? Are you a resolution maker or do you just take it as it comes?

I do not think there is a right or wrong way. I think we are all wired differently and whatever works for us is what we should do.
It's just like how I need to write things down to remember them and some people just remember.....

I just challenge you to pause, pray and reflect long enough to feel God's presence and hear His voice. To have a bearing on what HE is wanting for you in this new year. What changes you need to make, what things you need to continue with. What is He telling you to do differently? Is He calling you to step out of your comfort zone? Is He calling you to do that thing you have been putting off? Is He maybe just calling you to come closer to Him? Maybe it has been too long since you have drawn near to Him?

What do you hear?

I pray this is a year of drawing close to our Father as He longs for us to be close to Him.  He is our source of strength and hope as we step into the future.

For several years now I have chosen a "Word of the Year". Last year my word came to me and did not make much sense, well that is until the year began unfolding. It did not take long for the word EXPLODE to make itself understood! It was definitely a year of explosion for me. Much of that was positive but just as much was negative and difficult. Like I said, it is a wild mix of both!

 Such is life.

I haven't had a word "come to me" yet, for 2014. I am taking some time tonight to pray and see what He has for me.
How about you? Do you choose a word? What is YOUR word for 2014? I would love to hear it.

I want to wish you a new year filled with HOPE and PROMISE, with HAPPINESS and JOY, filled with LOVE overflowing!!!!
Be blessed and KNOW the love of God that is beyond everything!!!!!

XO Blessings!