Saturday, January 18, 2014


Time is the equalizer of all mankind.
No one can obtain more than another in any way. Even the rich cannot purchase more.
 We are all given the same 24 hours a day. 1,440 minutes a day to use to our best ability.
Yet have you ever found yourself feeling as if you do not have enough time? Do you ever find yourself looking at the lives and accomplishments of others and feel as if somehow they must have more time in order to do all that they do?
I suppose some of you are like me, wishing for more time in a day. Wishing for more time to accomplish the things on our lengthy lists.
I have some pretty big goals and aspirations this year so I know I must figure out how to conquer this time machine issue.
How does one fit it all in?
Maybe that is part of the issue right there. Maybe it is not possible and that is part of the problem. I try to fit more in than I should, more than is possible.
Don't we all?
I do want to do it ALL. I want to go everywhere and do everything I can. I want to be at every event, take every opportunity I can. How does one choose which ones are better than another? Which ones are more important than another?
I think part of the answer lies in finding our gauge in which to measure things by. Measuring the importance and value of the decisions of which things matter most.
But how do we do that?
How do we come up with a gauge, a standard, a guide?
I think it lies in the things that we value, what matters most. We make room for the things that are important, the things God wants us to squeeze into the nooks and crannies of our 1,440 minutes of each day.
One of the ways I have practiced for the past few years as a guideline for measuring the ways I should use my time and energies is to choose "a word of the year".
This word is used as a focus, a source of encouragement a rudder and guide in my daily life.
This word is something I keep at the forefront, I make it present in my life so I am reminded of  my intentions.
I spend a lot of time coming up with my word each year. This year I thought I had my word figured out only to discover that this word I had chosen was causing me more frustration than encouragement.
 I had chosen the word DO.
 I had good intentions, pure motives when I chose the word. Yet as time goes by I find that this word causes me to feel the pressure of doing more than is possible. I chose it because I am trying to accomplish some things that have been on my heart for a very long time, things that keep on getting put off because everything else in life has a way of trumping these things I want so desperately to do.
So I am back at the drawing board.
Maybe my word is ACCOMPLISH? I need to focus on accomplishing the dreams God has placed in my heart. I want nothing more than to finally be at a place of accomplishment. I want to achieve my goals! I am ready for God to use me the way I know He wants to.
What about you? Do you have a word of the year? Did you choose one only to find that it caused you more struggle than encouragement? If you did, you can re-think it. It does not matter what month it is. You are not stuck. God has great things in store for you, for your life. Open yourself up to Him.
I would love to hear about your word for the year.
How you came up with it and how it has served you.
I know it will take more than one little word for me to find the time I need to, to keep myself focused, but it is a start. I pray daily that God will lead me and direct me every step of the way, each of those 1,440 seconds of every day.