Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Struggle is Real...Even at Christmas time

Here we are in the season of joy, family, fun, thankfulness, gifts, happiness, festivities, everyone sharing stories of their fabulous life, their beautiful children, their _________.  Fill in the blank.

And there you are with a hole in your heart, nothing to feel especially grateful for; empty arms, empty wombs, sadness that permeates your very core, your heart is aching. Facing the biggest battle, loss, struggle, pain in your life, yet knowing this is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration.

How do you feel the ache so deep that at times makes it hard to even breathe?

How do you smile and enjoy the most blessed season of all?

Let me begin by telling you that I only share what I know to be true. I know what I have had to do in my own times of difficulty and struggle. One of those times being right now.

In order to carry on we must look to the One who has the answers. We may never know the answers to the painful whys of life, but we can trust the One who does. We may never understand why life has to be so painfully difficult at times, and some of those pat answers about God having His reasons do little to comfort. Yet our hope for healing and carrying on comes through a full confidence and trust in His plan, His ways. We can commit to Him our brokenness, our pain and anguish and allow Him to heal those places that feel so raw and painful.

One of my greatest sources of help from the Word of God is Philippians 4:6-8
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.  What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me – practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.”

When I find my thoughts drifting to the difficult situations, the heartache, the struggles, I do my best to begin to shift, change my channel and remember these words. Think about what I know to be true, what is worthy of praise, what is good, what is pure. In that spirit I will be kicking out the negativity, the thoughts about the things I cannot control, the parts of life that bring great anguish.

I am a work in progress and do not always succeed at “changing my channel” before the thoughts and agonies of life begin their negative effects on me. But I have learned to watch for the signs, to be alert and remember WHO is in charge. And you know what, if God is in charge then I am off the hook.

I pray that whatever it is you are struggling with you can find your way to remembering who is in charge and allow Him to pour peace into your heart as we focus on the One true reason for the season. That you will indeed find JOY knowing that you have the greatest thing of all to be thankful for….Jesus Christ.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Victory and Healing

I am blessed beyond measure every time Soul Steps comes to the end and I get to hear how this journey has touched hearts and lives.

Last Tuesday night was the final night of our seven weeks together. It is always sad for our time together to come to an end, but exhilarating to see the way God has moved them and catapulted them forward on their journey with Him.


Here are a few quotes from some of the women who saw the value of investing in themselves to move out of their stuck places.


“Soul Steps has made me open my eyes to know that God has made me perfectly for a purpose and I AM ENOUGH!”

“Soul Steps helped me to dig deep and deal with things I have buried so deep. I feel so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe!”
Stephanie W.


“Soul Steps helped me know I am enough and how to enjoy life more peaceful, helped me to let go of things that stole my peace and joy. It was an amazing journey for me, helped me to start journaling. Now that is amazing and I am loving it and finding things out about myself.” 
Vicki P.

“Soul Steps helped me to see myself more as God sees me – beautiful, His child, loved, worthy and forgiven. It gave me tools to remember who I am when life tries to get me to see myself differently.”
Laura D.

God longs for everyone of us to live in peace and freedom, the very freedom He sent His one and only Son to die for. Yet far too often we stay camped out in fear, anxiety, overwhelm, pain, anguish… you name it.  

If you find yourself living in a state of being consumed with your past or the hurts you cannot let go of, continually feeling overwhelmed by life’s blows,  consider signing up for our next Soul Steps series coming up in February 2016. The “in person” series at my home is limited in space so I will also be offering an ONLINE version for the first time. Stay tuned for more details about both of these offerings.

Love & Blessings,

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What is a Life Coach?

With my offer of a FREE life coaching session comes the question: What exactly is a life coach and why would I, or do I, need one.

First off just think of what a COACH does. If you were to play football for instance your coach would be the one who guides you in the process of getting in shape and learning the sport, the plays, the strategies, etc to play and essentially WIN the game, right?! 
That is exactly what a LIFE coach does. A life coach helps you learn what makes you effective and powerful in this game of life. Assisting you in learning the techniques, strategies in becoming the best at what it is you are encountering in life.

*A life coach offers you a non-judgmental assistant to help you shed some light on what is truly at the root of your struggles, what keeps tripping you up.
*A life coach helps you process, examine and discover your obstacles and challenges.
*A life coach helps you reach your full potential with the process of uncovering your true passions and discovering your very essence.
*Life coaches help people move forward. To set personal and professional goals that will give you what you want in life.

Here is a definition from Newsweek that I find quite interesting.

"Part consultant, part motivaltional speaker, part therapist, and part rent-a-friend,
coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plan folks,
 helping them define and achieve their goals - career, personal or most often both."

Most Life Coach clients are healthy, successful people who might be a bit stuck or simply want to make a change in their lives and they need/want the support of their own personal coach to do so. 

A life coach is NOT a psychologist, psychotherapist or therapist. As life coaches we are trained to work co-creatively with our client to use all our joined knowlege, resources, skills and intuition to problem solve on the clients behalf.

Coaching can promote BIG shifts in thinking. This creates forward movement towards goals. Plus, the continuity of the weekly sessions builds a foundation of trust.

"A coach is someone who gets you to do what you don't want to do,
so you can be who you want to be."
 Coach Tom Landry
Football Hall of Fame

So, no you may not NEED a coach, but you certainly may benefit greatly from one. Just like many athletes who know the game and feel perfectly suited to play their sport of choice, hiring a coach is an investment in making them better. A life coach can help you gain tools, skills, and insight quicker than you can on your own.

If you think you are ready to break through an area or areas of your life, I would be happy to help. 

Love & Blessings,

Monday, August 24, 2015

FREE Life Coaching Sessions

Have you ever wished you could afford a Life Coach but you figured it was out of your reach? Or you just wanted to run things by someone to help get clarity?

 Well, I might just be your gal.

Last month I took a leap into yet another Life Coach training course.
 I am currently certified as a Christian Life Coach, but this course will further my knowledge and give me an accreditation.
As part of our training we are required to give 20 sample sessions.

A Sample Life Coach Session lasts only 15 minutes and is focused on a particular topic that has been pre-determined.  So, basically it is something you have on your heart and mind and would love to talk to someone about.

Maybe you just need to discuss an area of life that you feel overwhelmed about, or you feel like you could use some direction.
 Life coaching is a collaborative relationship that helps you find your way when the path seems unclear.

I would like to offer this service to my blog readers. We can arrange a phone call session so no matter where you live we can make it happen.
You can contact me via my email at Amazinglovecreations@gmail.com if you are interested in your own personal 15-minute sample session.

It is my passion to help other women on this journey of life by sharing that which I know, what I have experienced and learned along the way.

Let me know if I can be a conduit of God to help you on your personal journey.
May you be blessed and always remember…YOU ARE ENOUGH!
Love& Blessings,
XO Sherry

Friday, August 14, 2015

Take That FIRST Step

Have you ever watched a baby take its first steps?


The sweet baby starts off with a tight grip, afraid of letting go. Her feet begin moving forward but she hesitates to release the hand that is holding her upright. Then, she finally does it, she lets go. One wobbly step at a time she begins to move forward, taking tiny baby steps.  Then plop, she’s down. Now that she knows she can do it though she wants to try again. Again and again she takes wobbly steps, one foot in front of the other, time after time, until she masters the art of walking on her own. Before you know it that sweet baby girl is running all over, nothing can slow her down or stop her.


 The “grip” is different for each one of us. “I don’t have enough time”, “I have already tried everything”, “I’m not sure this is what I need”, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, the list goes on and on.


It is time to let go of the grip and move forward into the amazing future God has planned for you. It is time to get unstuck, to pull up out of the pit and move forward into the full confidence of Christ. Time to move forward, which might mean investing in yourself, which you are not accustomed to doing.

Let me assure you that you are worth the time, energy, expense and effort. It just takes that first baby step and before you know it you will be like the sweet little tot running all over.

If you live in the Bakersfield area I would love for you to join us in Soul Steps as we walk together on this journey towards freedom in Christ one step at a time. The fall session begins on September 22nd (registration closes on September 14th).
 As for the rest of you lovelies, I am working on making the course available online, hopefully very soon.

Contact me at my email Amazinglovecreations.gmail.com if you have any questions.


Monday, August 10, 2015


It seems summer is still in full swing when you check the weather report yet school begins again next week here in Central California. The good news about the end of summer is that it means Fall is just around the corner. Autumn is my favorite of all seasons  with its scents and sights and much cooler days.
With Fall comes my next session of SOUL STEPS. I am so excited to offer this incredible opportunity once again to women in Kern County.
We will be meeting every Tuesday night (6:30-8 pm)beginning September 22nd for seven weeks as we take an amazing journey through the heart. We will be digging out the junk that has built up within us, getting rid of what has been hanging on for far too long and walking into the freedom of Christ. God longs for us to live our lives free of bondage, fears and that constant feeling of overwhelm. During Soul Steps we will go over the importance of GrOwing forward in our faith and realizing who we are in Him.
Most of us women fail to recognize our own importance and value. But God wants you to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Period!
I would love to invite you to join other women on this journey of the heart. It has proven to be life-changing for those who have experienced Soul Steps. Some women have said that it has completely changed the way they look at themselves, at their lives. It has helped them to unload the weight they have been carrying on their shoulders.
If you are interested contact me directly via my email at Amazinglovecreations.gmail.com for further information. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you join us in what proves to be the greatest step forward in your future of peace and freedom.
Love & Blessings!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Never Forget To Remember

I am a real softie. I wear my emotions on my sleeve for all the world to see. Even when I try my best to be tough I cannot hide the rivers of tears that stream down my face when my heart is touched. Unfortunately this happens often, much to my dismay.
Some of those emotions come from my heart being touched so deeply by God's great blessings that I cannot contain myself. I have felt that a great deal lately.
Sometimes it is from the kindness of others; when I feel so deeply touched by the love and kindness of another soul.
Sometimes my heart swells with such great pride (the good kind) when I witness my grown children accomplish amazing feats in their lives, or just make great choices  ;)
There are times when I cannot keep the tears from spilling over due to the pain my heart feels as I miss the ones I love so much who are no longer here or I feel the angst of life.
There are times I simply become consumed knowing full well how great God is and how blessed I am.
The spilling over of tears comes from many reasons. My heart aches or it bursts, bringing forth a well spring of tears.
Currently my heart is weeping huge tears in deep sadness as I have learned of a great loss of an acquaintance. I actually only met her a time or two, but took many of her scrapbook classes through the years. Her 16 year old son has died. I have yet to learn the circumstances, but that really does not even matter. A family has lost a son and a brother. He held many roles; he was a grandson, a cousin, a nephew, a friend, a fellow rugby  team mate.
When I went to bed last night my pillow was filled with my silent tears as I thought of a family who would be so deep in grief they might not find the peace of sweet sleep. Their life forever altered. Their hearts broken into tiny pieces.
It is my nature to begin putting it all into perspective. I begin thinking about my great blessings. Of course I think about my own precious family and I feel compelled to love them deeper, to hug them tighter,  hold them longer.
I live my life pretty aware of the fact that we never know what tomorrow holds or that it can change in the blink of an eye. I have had a few devastating experiences of my own. Yet, like many, I am afraid I might find myself "forgetting to remember."
Tonight I am reminded, my heart has been re-booted and recharged, I shall not let any such great loss go without learning a valuable lesson, being more aware.
That is what I want to share with you today sweet friends.
Do not forget to remember your blessings. You may be struggling, but in the grand scheme of things you can find your way to knowing God's got this, He's got you. I pray you can find perspective and allow your heart to weep tears of gratitude or even anguish as you let Him know how you feel. Let Him carry the heavy load for you.
Hold your loved ones tighter, smile at others who may just need that tiny pick-me-up, lift up your head and know that He is mighty to save you and your situation.
Remember that we are not promised tomorrow and we must make the absolute most of each day. Live it fully. Love deepy.
I pray that you are in a place of peace in your life, and if you are not you will find your way there. God is the only route there. Hold on tight to Him and to the ones you love and hold dear to your heart.
Sending much love to each one of you tonight as I personally count my blessings and pray for the hearts that are breaking, especially Heidi Swapp and her family.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Life Happens

Here I am after far too long yet I truly do not want to go on about how I have failed to blog and blah, blah, blah.... Life happens, as we all know and things like a blog sometimes end up in the back seat.'It is what it is' and one of these days I am going to become better at being consistent with this blogging thing. ;)
Summertime is a time of less consistency, less rules, more relaxing when possible, more fun, more excuses even. I mean, once we hit the fall routine we dig our heels in so deep we don't allow ourselves much slack at all. I think I have that in the back of my mind sometimes and so I  give myself a little break while I can.
I haven't always been this way. It's one of those things that comes with getting older and realizing just how fast life flies. Knowing that when there is a chance to take your grandsons to see "Inside Out" followed by making signs for a Lemonade stand (because one wants to be diligent and earn some money), you do it.  Or when you have a day to spend holding your infant granddaughter, you are in no hurry at all to jump in your car and drive home. When a conversation over coffee lingers longer than expected you just go with it knowing that both of you needed this friend time right now.
Life can be a rush. I know! I am usually the one rushing it. I live by lists and schedules that dictate my every waking moment.
Lots of things wake us up to the reality that life is fleeting, tomorrows are not promised. The truth of the matter is if we have had a wake-up call in our life we can and should count ourselves blessed to the core. You see now we will live with a new understanding. When things get a little crazy we will find that center that says.... 'slow down, remember it's not that big of a deal'
Oh there will be big deals, I am certainly not discounting that. What I am saying is that many of us (ah hem, ME!) tend to make even the little things way too big. But maybe, just maybe it's time to cut yourself some slack and enjoy another splash in the pool, a longer lunch break, an evening watching the sunset. Do what restores your soul and know that the world will not come to an end, you WILL get back to the task at hand.
As for me, I am going to grab that book I have been meaning to start reading along a tall glass of iced tea with lemon. I might even float in the pool while reading.  ;)
May you have many precious summer moments to enjoy!
Love & Blessings, Sherry

Monday, June 8, 2015

Another Announcement

I have yet another announcement to make. Although this one is not nearly as beautiful as my last one about my precious grandangel, it IS another "baby" of mine.
soul steps logo
Soul Steps Fall 2015 is on the books and  I am ready to take registration.
For those of you who are not familiar with Soul Steps let me tell you all about it.
Years ago when we lived in the mountains (we ran a church camp for 14 years) I would walk the mountain almost daily.  I decided to challenge myself to walk to the top of the mountain and back on my 39th birthday...thus the statement "years ago" ;)
It was during that walk that God took me through a spiritual healing of struggles & issues I had held on to for years, many since childhood. My experience was so profound I began writing about it (I always thought I was writing a book),  but last year this "book"  evolved into a curriculum called Soul Steps.
Soul Steps has become a series that  walks women through a journey of letting go of the things (struggles, issues, wrong thinking)  that has held them back, moving them into the freedom of Christ. This process brings women to the awareness of who God created them to be while shedding the old and negative.
 We will begin this fall on September 8th meeting every Tuesday evening at 6:30-8:00  wrapping up with a Celebration on October 20th.

Here is what a few women who have taken Soul Steps had to say:
"This experience taught me that God wants me to be free. I know I am on a journey and I definitely am not where I hope to be, but I feel like I have let go of a lot of the stuff that was holding me back. I pray that I will continue to follow my Soul Steps."
"My greatest experience in Soul Steps was knowing I am loved and Jesus accepts me as I am, unconditional love."
"I was nervous to commit but then I looked forward to every week being in Sherry's home, it was so warm and welcoming, I felt genuine love and acceptance"
"I didn't know I could be this happy! because of this journey my eyes are finally open to all the things that matter and not all the other junk anymore."

The cost of this seven week journey is $125 and includes the curriculum, a journal, as well as 7 meetings full of goodies and surprises.
If you are interested in signing up or you  have any questions please contact me via my email at amazinglovecreations@gmail.com
Hope you will join us on this journey.
XO Sherry

Monday, May 25, 2015

A Little Piece of Heaven

112I have been slightly distracted lately. It’s not every day an angel comes down from heaven and graces your presence.
We have been blessed with a precious new grand ANGEL: Princess angel Savannah Joy arrived on May 20th. She is the firstborn to my youngest daughter.
To  say I am smitten is a huge understatement. If hearts are capable of melting, mine has done just that.
I will never cease to  be in awe of God’s amazing creation, the perfection of His handiwork never ceases to amaze me. I am pretty sure my world has shifted on it’s axis, never to be the same again.
I may get my wits about me again soon and begin blogging about pertinent topics, but for now, my head is in the clouds.

Praying all is well with you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


"Ever find yourself wondering what the next step is in life? Feel like you are just not sure what God wants you to do next?
That is exactly how I have been feeling in this current season of my life.
I poured myself whole-heartedly  into creating Soul Steps then launching it, and hosting 3 seven-week sessions. During this time I was also training to become a Christian Life Coach. I have since received my certification. I have been diligent, devoted, nose-to-the grindstone, busy,  getting it done.
And now.
Now I am finding myself in a strange season of life. Not at all because I have nothing to DO. I doubt I will ever find myself at a time in life when I do not  have a lengthy to-do list waiting to be checked off. I am ever productive and always have a project or ten that I am working on. But there is something different about this little lul I am in.  Which by the way comes in very handy because I have a precious grand-angel about to arrive.  ;)
This morning I went to the Word for some direction and clarification. I figured I would finish where I left off in Hebrews and after I did that I would look for further inspiration. Yea, well it was all right in front of me all along.
You see I have been reading and journaling in my new journaling Bible and as I read Hebrews 11 & 12 and then looked back over some of the notations I have made in the journaling column I found the very answers I was seeking. Isn't that just like God!? Confirmation that God wants us to share, to "stir up one another." The Word reminded me that He does not want us to "throw away our confidence." That "we have need of endurance to do the will of God."
Of course while reading all of this my ever questioning mind of mine was already working overtime.  Questions popping into my head while I was reading verse after verse of inspiration. Then I flipped to the pages that points  out how the "people of old" did the things they did BY FAITH.  Verse after verse tells of those who acted BY FAITH: Abraham, Noah, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joseph. BY FAITH the Egyptians crossed the Red Sea, BY FAITH the walls of Jericho crumbled. (See Hebrews 11)
The questions I have about the details, the things that I cannot figure out are apparently to be dealt with BY FAITH.
Hebrews 11:8 says "BY FAITH Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance. And he went out not knowing where he was going...by faith...."
So I may not know where I am going or how to navigate my way there but I do know the One who does. Today I will begin taking the first steps of faith forward into this land unknown. Trusting that He knows and He will show me the way.
Let me encourage you to do the same. Do not continue standing with your feet planted in fear. That dream, that vision, those things you have meant to do...start today. One step at a time. BY FAITH. Believe me you will not be alone if you invite Him as your travel partner.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

As we embark upon this sweet holiday of honoring MOTHER'S, I want to wish each one of you a very happy day.
My heart is truly thinking of the broad range of women that might read this; some who are moms with healthy relationships with their children, some bearing the terrible pain of children who have died far too soon. There are moms who might not know where there child is. Mothers who live with regret at the way they raised their children. Women whose hearts and wombs desperately long to have a child of their own.
There may be some of you who no longer have a husband in the home to make sure a Mother's Day Celebration is had or maybe he is right there and still there is nothing special being offered up. Maybe you cannot be with your child or children on this allocated holiday and it breaks your heart.
There are those who have never had a mom to celebrate, and you wish like crazy you did. Some have had the greatest mom ever but she is no longer here and your heart aches desperately as you miss her terribly.
Whatever category you fall into ladies I want you to know that although Mothers Day is a precious holiday to celebrate in the best of circumstances, if you do not find yourself in that particular situation, that's okay! YOU are still worth celebrating.
Whether you are a mom, have a mom or want to be a mom, I hope that you take  time this weekend to honor yourself in a way that feeds your soul. What would that be?
Do you know what feeds your soul?
I talk to the women about this in Soul Steps; We need to know what the things are that re-fuels us and energizes us body, spirit and soul. In knowing what that is you will always be able to tap into that source that refreshes you. For me it will be going to church then driving up to the mountain and taking a little hike and having a picnic. That will feed my soul tremendously.
Think about what you can do this weekend to refresh your Spirit and honor YOU, whether you are a mom or not.
I would love to hear what YOU would do to refresh your soul.
Happy Weekend

Monday, May 4, 2015

Near Misses and How They Make You Pause

This wasn't the first near miss in my life but it shook me just the same.
Last night after a very long day of travel I had an experience that shook me to my core. I was a mere mile from home on a residential side street when I noticed two sets of headlights in front of me. One set in my lane. I no sooner made this discovery when in a flash the car owning the headlights in my lane swooshed past me, barely making it into the other lane without colliding into me. The vehicle was gone in no time, traveling at a very high speed. I felt like I stood still in time. My home just the other side of the orchard I was slowly passing.
Thoughts of this moment have haunted me today as I have pondered my husband, children, grandchildren and friends.
When I received a KIK message from my son this morning with a picture of the moon hovering in the cloudy Japan sky my heart leapt to think, his momma would not have been here to receive this message and that would have broken my sons heart.
When I was speaking on the phone with my very pregnant daughter giving me the latest doctors report, my heart broke to think of a grand angel that would have arrived without her mimi present in her life.
As my other daughter who just became a mimi herself sent me a photo of her precious angel yet another tear slipped from my eyes.
Oh and the man I came home to. I cannot imagine the heartbreak of not having the one who he has spent 38 years of life with not being here beside him.
I realize how dramatic this all sounds. Yet I recall the way I almost could feel the breeze as the car swooshed past me on a dark street I travel quite often.
The message that is ringing in my heart is one of pure gratitude. This time in a way I do not normally focus. Far too many times I find myself forgetting to remember that I matter. I would be quick to think about how missed one of my loved ones would be if they told me this story happening to them. Yet it is not often I take a moment to realize the important role I play.
Many of us spend our lives valuing others and not ourselves. We are the only one of US that will ever exist. We hold a role that no one else ever will again, EVER.
Lest you think this is a selfish-over dramatic tale. Let me just challenge you to think about it. Put yourself in the leading role of my story of last nights event and think about what it is YOU need to realize. Maybe you too have forgotten to remember your tremendous value and worth? The impact you have on hearts and lives all around you every single day?
As you go along in your day today do not forget to remember your true value and worth to EVERYONE around you.
May you be blessed as you are also a blessing.
Much love,

Monday, April 27, 2015

Pushing PAUSE

Once the Spring Cleaning process begins you get on a roll....and then sometimes it comes to a screeching halt because, well because, life happens.
That is what has happened here on the homefront. I still have much to do but I have had to push pause for a bit while other things are going on. I am sure you can relate.
One of the things I am being sure to do while I am in this holding pattern is to completely rid of all of the piles, bags, "stuff" I have pulled out. Completing, following through with the process. Then when I am ready to dig back in I will not have piles of clutter in the way.

How does that look in our hearts?

You have pulled out all of the junk that has been held inside, now do not move on until you have completely processed what needs to be done.
Do you need to seek forgiveness? Is it time you forgive someone else and LET IT GO? Go ahead and break into that popular show tune.  ;)  Are you ready to own your mistakes and move on? Can you finally break free from the voices of your past? I know it is time to see yourself as God sees you. Time to release your insecurities and doubts and open your heart to God's plan for your life.

If you too are in pause mode, it's the perfect time to be thorough and compete the process you have begun. You will never succeed in life if you quit in the middle of the process. Carry on sweet sister and while you are at it...LET IT GO!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Be A Blessing.... A Weekend Challenge

My email inbox is beginning to look a lot like my mail box. So much junk mail. I remember well the days that I would open my mail box to find handwritten, hand addressed cards and letters. That is why  I LOVE Christmas time so much. Well one of the reasons.
Are you experiencing the same thing?
You see the number pop up on your phone screen that tells you there are 27 emails waiting for you, you anxiously open it up and find all sorts of junk mail?  Yea, me too!  :(
Let me encourage you TODAY to drop a note or a card to someone you love, someone you would love to lift their spirits with a simple note scrawled out and torn out of a binder or in a beautiful purchased card. Really it only takes minutes, or if you are so inclined it will take more but will be beautifully welcomed.
That is my challenge for you this weekend. You can pick up cards at the grocery store while you are doing your weekly shopping. Truly there are no real excuses.
I would love to hear from you, if you sent something to someone this weekend. I promise you it will be received with so much gratitude and appreciation.
Have a beautiful weekend. Bless someone and be blessed! 
XO Sherry

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


So you did the hard work of digging out the junk. Now you are following the tracks of your symptoms to see where they lead.
Here are some of the paths you might trace:
* You are filled with frustration because you have overloaded your schedule without giving yourself any breaks.
 *You cannot shake that anxious feeling because you are failing to turn things over to the One who IS in control?
 * Maybe you are holding on to things and people too tightly when God is reminding you that HE is the only One you should be clinging to.
 * Are you depressed after years of living under scrutiny and judgment, feeling as if you will never measure up no matter how hard you try?
Fill in the blanks. What are your symptoms telling you?

When we are sick and we ignore our symptoms what happens? Our illness progresses and becomes much more serious, oftentimes life-threatening if it is a severe case. So why would be ignore the symptoms of our heart if it is possible they are life-threatening?

I would encourage you to pull out your journal (you have one somewhere I bet), and jot down some of your thoughts about this process. Even if it is just a list of symptoms, that is a start. Once we begin identifying our symptoms we are able to come to a conclusion about the condition of our heart.

When I was knee deep in my closet I had to identify the stuff that had built up all around me determining what was clutter, what was simply misplaced and what was absolute TRASH!

Take time (MAKE time) to ponder these things in your heart to determine the things that it is time to throw away once and for all.

I have a funny story about something I held on to for far too long that needed throwing away, and it took an intervention to get me to do so.
The last time I was cleaning my closet my daughter happened to be here. Sitting upon the large bag I had set aside to be donated were a pair of super cute orange wedges. My daughter asked me about them. I began explaining to her that I knew I needed to get rid of them but I love them so much and they were the perfect shoe that goes with a particular dress, yada yada yada.
 She picked them up and began looking them over. "Mom, have you been gluing them?" Well, yea, the sole has been trying to come off so I keep gluing it back on. Oh and yes the insole too. She gave me a sideways look and marched them out to the trash can.
 Really?! I thought they were worth keeping when they were falling apart!

How many times in our lives do we hang on to things that are falling apart at the seams when it is time to walk away. Now do not mis-read this as any kind of permission to leave a marriage without a legitimate- God reason. I am referring to relationships that are falling apart, filled with deception and lies but you keep on making excuses to hang on to them. Bad habits that are causing you to trip. Excuses that keep you from moving forward in your life. We hang on to these things gluing them together, which only fixes it temporarily. It is time to march some of your excuses out to the trash.
Time to let go of the things you have been clutching on to; control, perfectionism, self-doubt, anxiety, fear, past mistakes, brokenness... The list goes on and on.
Grab that journal and begin writing....who cares if you are writing well, or making sense, just write. I promise you the process will help you to unload it all. Identify those symptoms and begin discovering what they are telling you.

You cannot fix what you do not acknowledge, so let the acknowledgement begin.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sidetracked and On Task

So, I thought I would be back sooner with some more details about getting rid of the "heart clutter" but I got a little side-lined doing none other than MY OWN SPRING CLEANING.             Go figure.
As Spring has sprung I have committed to going through my entire house doing a deep cleaning. I began this ambitious project with the dreaded master closet.
Ohhh myy worrrd! I was instantly reminded of how grueling and overwhelming the process can be. My husband worked alongside me all day Sunday as we purged and scrubbed (it was better to have him there to make the decisions about his clothes and clutter).
Once we finished up in the closet I moved into the Master bath, scrubbing and cleaning out drawers and cupboards. It has been a busy few days, with clutter and piles to pilfer through. Now that I am done with this area though I have to say I just love walking in there, it feels so refreshing. Once I was done I lit a few candles and did a few decorating touches and it felt so rewarding.

We are going to stay on this topic and talk about the purging a bit more.
I just looked up the word PURGE and the definition is: 1) the act of clearing yourself (or another) from some stigma or charge. 2) the act of removing by cleansing; ridding of sediment or other undesired elements. Sounds spot on to our topic.
 Let's talk about this physical purging we do in our homes, cars, work spaces. What we fail to realize is that we live in a state of clutter and frustration much too long when all it takes is stopping and taking care of business.
 Certainly it takes TIME. That one thing none of us seem to feel as if we have enough of. Yet I venture to say we can manage to squeeze in a chore here and there to make it more manageable. What if you were to carve out maybe a half an hour a day or an afternoon on the weekend?

 First step is to pull out your planner and see where you can squeeze it in. Schedule it in. I had known all week long we were going to be spending our Sunday on this project. We had gone to church on Saturday evening so we had the entire day.
Second step is to show up ready to knock it out. Trash bags, cleaning rags, and a determined mind to get the job done. I will admit that half way through my closet I was ready to say "I quit." Since quitting mid-project was not an option (neither one of us were willing to trip over piles til I felt ready again, ha!) I poured us a fresh glass of iced tea and turned on some music. Hey, whatever it takes right?
One of the ways this de-cluttering works best for us is; we pile up all of the things we need to "go through" (like the stack of magazines my husband had acquired) and set them aside and do it at a different time. For instance, Jim has been bringing piles of magazines into the living room in the evenings while watching "The Voice" the past two nights processing the ones he wants to keep and what he is going to toss.

Of course all this talk about Spring cleaning leads us to think about our heart clutter and the things that have been sitting there, cluttering up the precious space within us. Often times we just keep  pushing things down instead of facing the inevitable which is; we need to deal with it (whatever "it" happens to be). It could be a wounded friendship, a broken heart, old wounds that have sat dormant for a very long time creating residual wounds.
So how do we even begin to know what these things are and what to do about them?

In Soul Steps I talk about looking for the "symptoms." Those are your signs. When you get sick you begin to show symptoms and those are the very things that will help you determine exactly what is going on with you, your body. You will take notice of the signs that something is going awry in your body which will be a warning that you need to do something about it.  You have a persistent cough, a pain in your stomach, a high fever, these are all indicators that you need to see a doctor.
Same thing holds true for a heart symptom. We are being warned that there is something not quite right, something we have held on to for too long and it is causing emotional distress, that we need to see THEE doctor.Those symptoms can be something like: excess anxiety, frustration, depression, fear, doubt, lack of self-esteem, anger, the list goes on and on.

I encourage you to take a deep look into your own heart and see if you are beginning to show signs of wear and tear of a heart worn out from carrying a load it is not meant to carry.
Are you displaying symptoms that may be signs of underlying struggles?
Have you been holding on to the pain of being mis-treated as a child? Is the pain of a failed marriage hanging on with a death grip? Are you tired of believing the lies that continue to roll around in your mind? Have you been walked on one too many times?
Start digging out the heart clutter that is stifling your peace and joy. Right now that is all you need to do, just begin digging it out without worrying about what to do with it. Just like my husband has been doing with his piles of magazines, we will sit down with it later and determine how to deal with those piles of clutter.

Just like when I was knee deep in piles of shoes and purses wanting to quit, you might find yourself ready to throw in the towel before the work is completed. You might just have to fix yourself a fresh glass of iced tea and turn on some good Christian music and allow Him to penetrate your soul, infusing you with energy and courage.

I promise you it is well worth the hard work, effort and determination.

Much love,

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Those "Piles"

Image result for spring cleaning
So, back to the Spring Cleaning.
You've pulled everything out and you are left with heaps of piles here and there, either figuratively or physically. Let's first tackle the physical items that you have pulled out of your closet and are not sure what to do with just yet.
It is tough to let go of things that have sentimental value, really tough. One of the solutions for this is to have one place to keep all the "valuable memorabilia". Your issue then will be to keep it all in that one place, whether it be a drawer, trunk, box, basket, or large storage container. You will have to constantly evaluate as it begins filling up, possibly letting something else go in order to make room. (which happens to be a key organizing  tool)
 Some things like art work, may be photographed and an album made of these treasures. Doing online books makes it easy to do a project like this.
My friend (the one I was helping organize) and I discovered something quite interesting as we began giving our adult kiddos some of their memorabilia back; they do not treasure it near as much as we do and they do not want to hold on to it. So it seems fitting that we just keep some particularly important pieces and let the rest go.
This will be the hardest step in the Spring Cleaning process. Maybe you have ideas and tips you would like to share about how you have faced this spring cleaning dilemma.  I would love to hear about them. How do you decide what to keep and what to let go of without over running your storage area?

Now about the spring cleaning of our hearts...How do we let go of those things we have held on to for far too long?  Those things we have become attached to? Maybe they are the labels we have associated with for years, or the emotional baggage of how we were treated in a past relationship. Maybe you have hung on to your self-doubt and lack of worth. Many of us tend to hold on to insecurities and feelings of unworthiness. There may be a whole jumble of things we need to sort through in this emotional baggage category. But just like every step of this Spring Cleaning process, you do it one itty-bitty-teeny-tiny step at a time.
Pick one thing today. Just one. Now begin to process it and identify where it comes from and where it belongs (probably in the sea of forgetfulness).
The best way to begin to deal with these heart-issues is to seek God. Pray about this thing that you have unearthed and ask Him what needs to be done with it. You may have to hash it out and feel a few painful twinges before coming to the end of it, but once you have released it, your heart will be free of the clutter of that thing that has been taking up far too much space.

I will go into greater detail of getting rid of the heart clutter next time.
In the meantime...go tackle those piles.

Much love on this beautiful Spring day.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Itty-Bitty-Teeny-Tiny Steps

Like I have said before; once the air becomes warmer and the days are longer we find ourselves ready to dig in and began some Spring cleaning projects. Just yesterday I began assisting a friend with some of her tasks.
First up was her daughters closet. They diligently  began the process by dumping the contents out of the closet  into the room before I arrived. This is the perfect way to begin, but it can be quite overwhelming. Heaping piles surrounding you can make you feel as if you will: 1) never get done, 2) never fit it all back in and 3) it is going to take forever!
Yet, we: 1) got it done! 2) fit it and more back in and 3) were done much quicker than we ever imagined.
How? One teeny-tiny-itty-bitty-step at a time.
You must proceed to tackle one thing at a time. First up was the tangled jewelry. One of us sat on the floor and untangled and sorted through the jumble of jewelry. Then we created a functional yet beautiful display on a closet shelf we had set aside. Done.
Next up was the pilfering through and sorting of clothes. What to keep, give away and put aside for an upcoming yard sale. (the yard sale and give away items are things that you just keep on hanging on to, might wear that one day, it might come back in style, you know....)  After nicely hanging the clothes being kept (in color and type sections of course!), creating a hefty pile for the yard sale and removing a ka-jillion extra hangers, Done!
This process continued through shoes, hats, scarves, gloves, boots, books, CD's; all the typical things you find in ones closet.  We employed the use of baskets to keep things confined and organized. The oodles of flip flops lined upright in a basket taking up much less space than being spread out, and they are easy to sort through to find.

Here's the point I want to make: As much as I think you will definitely benefit from these helpful tips for cleaning out your closet, I want you to begin to think of these same steps in terms of cleaning out your heart and life.
Those things that have been piling up, making it impossible to walk through the "closet" without tripping need to be pulled out. All the "junk" that keeps getting shoved here and there til you are ready to deal with, needs to be dealt with. It does not magically disappear or get put where it belongs.
It will just keep building up and creating a mess of things. Stuff like anger, resentment, unforgiveness, haunting memories of your past, things that were done to you or those terrible decisions you once made. Those words that keep ringing in your ears telling you the opposite of what God is telling you. All of this junk is cluttering up your heart in a big way.
We have to tackle it just how we tackled that messy closet; one itty-bitty-teeny-tiny step at a time.
One "thing" at a time.
Do you feel like there are just so many things overwhelming you, your life, your heart? As if you just do not know where to start because it is all just too much? Do you look at the mess that represents your life and feel so overwhelmed by it that you prefer just shoving it all back into the "closet" and moving on like it wasn't really there?
That continual shoving and pushing down only creates a bigger mess, one that becomes more difficult to manage.
I want to encourage you to begin pulling it all out...laying it all out there. Then; one thing at a time, one pile at a time, you can begin dealing with these issues.
Taking itty-bitty-teeny-tiny steps out of the mess and into the fullness of a life of freedom.
Let's talk more about handling all these "piles" next time.
Til then, begin pondering all the stuff that has been filling up your heart and life that needs to go.
Much love

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


As I was preparing for the final meetings of Soul Steps I became overwhelmed thinking of everything I wanted to say to my sweet ladies before I sent them out to fly. My mind raced in wonder if I had told them everything I wanted to, if I had given them ample tools for going forth.

Obviously our seven weeks together does not equal the sum of their life's lessons and instruction. Yet there is a part of me that feels so invested in them that I feel led to be sure I have helped them adequately.

Over the course of seven weeks in Soul Steps there is a process that occurs. This process is so much like Spring cleaning. We begin digging out of our proverbial closet, releasing the "stuff" that we have held on to for far too long. Just as it is in the actual spring cleaning process we are faced with putting things where they belong. Releasing the stuff we have continued holding on to.

Part of living a life of freedom comes from no longer holding on to things that have been holding you down, holding you back from the full potential that God intends you to live.

As you might begin to do a little spring cleaning now that the weather is warming up (it tends to be a natural response to the sunshine and longer days). I urge you to look into your heart to see what is in there that needs to be dug out. What has been taking up valuable space long enough that needs released? Are you holding on to unforgiveness? Maybe you have expectations that you cannot live up to, or that you hold others up to? Is it perfectionism? Oh, that is subject we could talk to in great depth.
I think I will begin talking about the Spring Cleaning subject regularly in the weeks to come here on my blog.

For today I encourage you to begin realizing the truth of the One who created you. That He has a plan  and a purpose for you, one that includes a life of love and freedom. Freedom from bondage of the heavy weights we continue to carry around day after day.

More than anything today or any day He wants you to know that:

 Did you notice there is a period at the end of that sentence?
He says you are enough  PERIOD. 

I read it this way recently;

Not because you did or said or thought or bought of became or created something special but because YOU ALWAYS WERE.

Let that thought mull over in your mind all day today as you go about your day. Hear it, feel it, soak it up to the depths of your being.

Much love,

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Here's to A New Season

My life is taking on a new stage, a new chapter. Soul Steps has just wrapped up. For the first time in a very long time I am not being dictated by a calendar full of deadlines and a massive agenda. I am giving myself a couple of days to re-group, then I am going to begin a new normal. Which I have yet to see how that looks and feels.
Life is ever-changing and ever-evolving.
Part of my process right now is to create a flexible, yet steady habit to be most productive in this new season. An important part of that agenda is to post here on my blog on a regular basis. I would like to share some of the material I use in Soul Steps along with whatever else happens to come to mind.
Hopefully my new habit will include posting little snippets of inspiration here randomly and regularly.
It is my greatest desire to encourage and inspire others on this journey of life.

Philippians 1:6 says: 
 "Being confident in this,
that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."

That means He isn't finished with us yet and He won't be until the day we see Him face to face. Til then it is up to us to keep running the race, keep growing, keep doing the work He has called us here to do.  To keep figuring it out in each new season, one day at a time.

Here's to new seasons and Gods grace that is new every day as He grows us into the person He intends us to be.

Much love

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Living In Freedom

I always feel so bad when it occurs to me that I have failed to keep up with my poor blog.
My life tends to swirl around in fast motion, as I am sure yours does, making it hard to keep up. Just when you are about to catch up something else gets thrown in the mix. I know you all understand full well what I am talking about.
As I reflect upon the point we are at in our current session of Soul Steps I thought I would share a little. In the Soul Step journey women are encouraged  to dig out their "junk." The stuff they have buried and shoved down. This takes a process of discovery. Once it is all dug up  we process what needs done with these things that have caused us to live bogged down.
Depression, un-forgiveness, haunting memories of the past, resentment, regret, shame, fear, anxiety... the list goes on and on.
God does not intend for us to live held down by these things, He sent His son that we would live in freedom. Most of us fail to do just that. We think we have to earn the freedom, we forget to remember that the price has already been paid.
Galatians 5:1 says: "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free, stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."
It is for freedom that Christ set us free.....
Are you getting that?
We have been set free FOR FREEDOM!
I am pretty sure if you were offered something for free you would be quick to accept the offer. I mean think about it; if you were offered free groceries for a month, you would be showing up at the grocery store. The reason there are people lined up in the aisles of Costco is so they can receive a free sample. When  a new business opens up people are quick to show up for the free samples and goodies that are offered on opening day.  FREE is our favorite price, right?
Yet the greatest gift ever has been given to us for free and we just move on past it day after day after day, living in bondage.
God longs for us to be rid of all of the junk we carry around on our shoulders day after day after day. He longs for us to live in the freedom He offers.

I want to encourage you today to take inventory of what is keeping you from living in that freedom, those things that have been shoved down and are holding you back from living a fully effective life for Christ. He is waiting for you to accept His offer, the next move is yours.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The time is closing in on the beginning of Soul Steps 2015!

Time is running out to get signed up, so if you have been on the fence about it, TODAY is the day to take that big bold step forward.
That one step will move you onto an amazing journey of enlightenment, growth acceptance and CELEBRATION of who you are in Christ. 

 Soul Step Journey

You may have heard it said that
God wants you to live your best life
to be free 
because He died for that very purpose.
Yet as women we often find ourselves living
 bogged down and frazzled
 as if the whole world rests upon our shoulders.
We are constantly struggling.
Worn out!
We cannot (or do not) let go of our past,
 our mistakes,
 the heavy loads we carry…
So we are able to  embrace the present
& look hopeful into the future.

The New Year is the perfect opportunity to
begin investing into your sweet soul
 so you can become better equipped
to BE the amazing woman  
God has created you to be.

The SOUL STEP journey is a seven week workshop 
that walks you through the process of learning tools to help you 
live a life of freedom in Christ,
your best life.

The series begins on February 10th in Bakersfield
Meeting location to be announced once I have a number of attendees
February 12th in TAFT 
at New Hope Temple Church

Cost for this journey is $125
Cost includes the curriculum, corresponding journal, the seven meetings, & many little goodies along the way

Registration will be done in advance

To register email me at:

I would love to take this journey with you
Sign up TODAY!