Monday, May 4, 2015

Near Misses and How They Make You Pause

This wasn't the first near miss in my life but it shook me just the same.
Last night after a very long day of travel I had an experience that shook me to my core. I was a mere mile from home on a residential side street when I noticed two sets of headlights in front of me. One set in my lane. I no sooner made this discovery when in a flash the car owning the headlights in my lane swooshed past me, barely making it into the other lane without colliding into me. The vehicle was gone in no time, traveling at a very high speed. I felt like I stood still in time. My home just the other side of the orchard I was slowly passing.
Thoughts of this moment have haunted me today as I have pondered my husband, children, grandchildren and friends.
When I received a KIK message from my son this morning with a picture of the moon hovering in the cloudy Japan sky my heart leapt to think, his momma would not have been here to receive this message and that would have broken my sons heart.
When I was speaking on the phone with my very pregnant daughter giving me the latest doctors report, my heart broke to think of a grand angel that would have arrived without her mimi present in her life.
As my other daughter who just became a mimi herself sent me a photo of her precious angel yet another tear slipped from my eyes.
Oh and the man I came home to. I cannot imagine the heartbreak of not having the one who he has spent 38 years of life with not being here beside him.
I realize how dramatic this all sounds. Yet I recall the way I almost could feel the breeze as the car swooshed past me on a dark street I travel quite often.
The message that is ringing in my heart is one of pure gratitude. This time in a way I do not normally focus. Far too many times I find myself forgetting to remember that I matter. I would be quick to think about how missed one of my loved ones would be if they told me this story happening to them. Yet it is not often I take a moment to realize the important role I play.
Many of us spend our lives valuing others and not ourselves. We are the only one of US that will ever exist. We hold a role that no one else ever will again, EVER.
Lest you think this is a selfish-over dramatic tale. Let me just challenge you to think about it. Put yourself in the leading role of my story of last nights event and think about what it is YOU need to realize. Maybe you too have forgotten to remember your tremendous value and worth? The impact you have on hearts and lives all around you every single day?
As you go along in your day today do not forget to remember your true value and worth to EVERYONE around you.
May you be blessed as you are also a blessing.
Much love,

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