Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day!


My son, the US MARINE has served our country for 10 years now.
He has raced up the ranks and is a Staff Sergeant.
YES we are ever so proud!!!!

(this photo is of he and his sisters the day they "pinned him"Staff Seargant)

He is a humble young man and thinks he has done nothing. YET, he has been a part of the war in the middle east since the day he enlisted. He and his sweet little family are apart more that they are together due to the many deployments and trainings he is required to go to.

BUT if you ask him...He says he has done nothing.
 He is not a "hero".

In fact this morning when I texted him to wish him a Hppy Veterans Dy he was quick to tell me that the TRUE heros are those who have done so much more.

Yet, I know for a fact that he has seen more and done more than he will ever admit to.
 Such is the life of a humble servant, a veteran!

This boy, this MAN, this US Marine is MY hero!
 He has served and sacrificed in ways that many of us will never comprehend. He has been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, he has flown across the world to be at his cousins, a fellow Marines, funeral. to represent his family and his country at a time when our hearts were breaking. He has been faithful, honorable, integral, a leader, an outstanding Marine even in the toughest of times. He has missed more holidays and special days than he will ever admit to. I cannot remember the last time his birthday was a time of being together. (He says it is just another day.)

This 28 year old Marine is a fine young man, and he is one of many. Many who currently serve our country. There are MANY who have gone before him and many that will follow behind.

We owe a debt of gratitude to those who have given so much.

To "MY HERO"I say.........THANK YOU SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God Bless you for ALL you have done and all that you ARE!!!!
Your momma loves you!!!!


Saturday, November 10, 2012


Uhmmmm... I guess I forgot I have a blog!!!

Not sure how that happens but life just seems to move so swiftly that it causes me to forget to come here and write a little something now and then.

So much has been going on, life has been a happy, busy blur.

During this time I have been coming to some realizations and pondering some ideas that have been dropped into my mind by God Himself. It seems that the more we listen, the more we will actually hear! Ha! Go figure! But no, really...I found myself on the mountain where we used to live, taking walks and enjoying the blazing beauty of autumn. I  was able to perch myself on the mountain top with a fabulous view to feast my eyes on while it fed my soul. Being in nature seems to have that effect on me.

For years when we lived ön the mountain"I would take my daily 4 mile walks and be able to chat with God in a very uninterrupted, serene way. There weren't many people around, just me and the trail and the glorious scene around me. Being there brought back so many memories of the many times I walked that path and how many tears I have cried, prayers I have prayed, the many miles I put in.

While we lived there we endured many of life's trials and tribulations (that happens over the span of 14 years!) At one point in particular I was going through a very difficult time and my walks became my escape. I would just walk and walk and walk, talking to God the entire time. It was so therapeutic, so healing. After months of that kind of walking I decided I wanted to trek to the TOP of the mountain and back. From my front door that was an 18 mile walk, straight up and back down.

So I did.
On my 39th birthday I had an amazing physical/spiritual journey.
The events of that day have been ingrained on my heart and are the very lessons that have spurred me on to writing a book (which is still in the works). God did a mighty work in me that day, He delivered me from my childhood issues and brought me into the light of adulthood without the baggage I had been carrying all those years. It was as if I was carrying along a back pack filled with big, heavy rocks, each one representing an ïssue". The process dumping of those childhood issues brought back the very words God had spoken to my heart many years prior.


Until we are able to release the wounds of our past, those things that have clouded our vision, tainted our view and rendered us ineffective must be ditched for good, allowing us to live in a new found freedom and effectiveness.

I plan to get back to my writing and maybe one day I will complete that book. It burns in my heart to share that which I learned because I want everyone to live in the freedom that God offers us and desires us to have. He wants us to let go of the past, of the things that hinder our effectiveness and holds us back from being who He created us to be.

In the meantime, let me encourage you to go outside and enjoy the brilliant changing of seasons. While you are breathing in the fresh, crisp air, be mindful of the way God is working in your heart and LISTEN to what He might be wanting to say to you!

In order to hear Him, you have to tune out the noise of the world and actually listen with a quiet and open heart.

I think I am going to do the next best thing tomorrow and go for a walk at the local park and let my mind and heart be filled with HIM.

XO Love & Blessings to you!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Releasing Our Grip

 When I read my devotion for the day in "Jesus Calling" I knew immediately that I wanted to share this with you in light of our"Back to School theme''....

Here it is.....

**Entrust your loved ones to Me; release them into My protective care. They are much safer with Me than in your clinging hands. If you let a loved one become an idol in your heart, you endanger that one - as well as yourself. Remember the extreme measures I used with Abraham and Isaac. I took Isaac to the very point of death to free Abraham from son worship. Both Abraham and Isaac suffered terribly because of the father's undisciplined emotions. I detest idolatry, even in the form of parental love.
When you release loves ones to Me, you are free to cling to My hand. As you entrust others into My care, I am free to shower blessings on them. My presence will go with them wherever they go, and I will give them rest. This same Presence stays with you, as you relax and place your trust in Me. Watch to see what I will do."**

WOW! Talk about hit you where it hurts. I will admit that I am guilty....oh yes, VERY guilty!!!!

Idolatry?!? I sure never thought of it like that!! Ohhh mercy!!!
Endanger??? Oh no!!!!

I have often found myself consumed with concern over each one of my kiddos and my grandangels. Oh I know it is not OKAY to be worrying (that's why I used the word "concerned" ha!) yet I know I am only fooling myself.

This is an ongoing issue that I am consistently working on and trying to be better at. To release my cares and my loved ones unto Him. He is the ONLY ONE who is capable, He is the Master controller over everything!

Oh Lord I pray you will help me day after day to remember that I am helpless and it is not (and never has been) my job to cling tightly to my precious ones. 
 Oh Lord please help me to release my grip.
Help me to remember that there is nothing I can do that you cannot do.

I entrust my loved ones to you Lord and I promise I will try my best not to be an Indian giver!

XO Love & Blessings!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Photo: Enjoy every minute while you have them...even the moments like this. They'll be grown and gone before you know it. Happy First Day of School!

I thought I would share this in honor of all the kiddos heading back to school.

I was one of those moms that actually did not have to peel my little one off the tree to get her/him to school. They all were pretty excited, it was me who was apprehensive. Especially on their first day of kindergarten, I hated that they were growing up and moving on.
I may or may not have driven by the school to be sure they made it on the bus."

I was definitely the one clinging to them when they moved away.
I think I have shared here before a little bit about my transition into the empty nest.
It was not easy breezy by any means.
 I would probably have kept them in the nest for the rest of their lives!

I have three grown up kiddos.
The first little chick a dee flew the nest in  a hurry. After finishing beauty school and beginning her future in that field she suddenly decided she did not want to miss out on the college experience and would be heading out in a few short weeks! We hustled getting her all pulled together and ready for the big day. We spent the weekend getting her settled in and attended the welcome to college life meetings. One called Issues to Tissues"where a lot of parents were voicing their sorrow of how they were gonna miss their kiddo being at home, their weekly rituals, stuff like that. I cruised through it all, I was having a good time with my girl, getting to explore her new digs, getting her all settled, meeting her new friends....
It was time to say good bye!!!!!
I nearly fell into a heap in the parking lot.
I had to pull it together and get out of there with some dignity.
I found myself on the 4 1/2 hour drive home sobbing my heart out.
Her life was flashing through my mind....

To say it was an adjustment would be an understatement!
I may or may not have went into her room and cried on a regular basis.

We adjusted.
Life went on.
It was not the same. It never would be again.
 But life was not over

That little chickadee flew back home.
Only for a short while......
THEN......she and her baby sister decided to fly off together.
So, now I was saying good bye to BOTH my girly chick a dees!!!!!
My heart ached.
They were only moving 25 minutes away.
I was still a sad momma bird.
I missed my girls.
I had a hard time adjusting.
 But I did still have one more to keep me busy, my boy.

It wasn't long til I was bidding him good bye as well.
He was leaving on his 18th birthday to become a US Marine!!!
YUP, that was a tough one!!!!!!
Momma bird cannot just pick up a phone and call her baby then!
MANY days/weeks would go by without hearing his voice.
and truly, so was my heart.

The house was empty...
SO, I took one of the rooms and made it into my very own,
first ever...
craft room!!!!!
I called it my consolation prize!

I learned to adapt.
I crafted a  lot!
I prayed a LOT!!!
 I cried a LOT!!!!

But I am here to say that it was all a part of the growing process and in retrospect I might have cried a few less tears. (maybe)
I have definitely adapted to the empty nest and have to say.......
It's not bad!!!!!!!!!!!
Granted, there are days/times, when I feel the ache of days gone by when it was a family of five hanging out, laughing, playing, living......together!!

I have the added "prizes"now of "grandchildren"and they sure do make life sweeter!
There is still nothing like hearing my kiddos'voices on the other end of the phone or feeling their hugs when we get to see one another.

During all those years they were home in the nest we were creating tender memories, the foundation they are now building their lives upon.
It was vitally important.
It was what made them who they are today.

So, to all you moms out there sending your babies off to school.
I wish you well.
Know that you WILL get through this.
It hurts.
No doubt about it!!!!

One day you will be enjoying the peace and quiet you are craving today.
You will actually miss the sticky kisses and fingerprinted windows.
 (well maybe not the work of cleaning it up, but you know what I mean! ha!!)

Growing up is a process for us as well as for our kiddos.
This is the beginning of a new season, embrace it as best you can.

Send them off with love and prayers and know that no matter how old they are, your job as MOM is never done, it is just ever changing!!!

Love & Blessings!

You are a TREASURE!!!!

You matter more than you will ever know.

God loves you more than you will ever realize.

If you can know anything today, those two things would be plenty!!

Have you really stopped to think about how valuable you are?
Do you know that God made you JUST AS YOU ARE,
with all the specific and unique talents, traits, abilities, gifts, personality.
He had a plan and a purpose for you so He created you for just that.

If you have never read it....Psalm 139 will spell it out for you.

"For you have formed my inward parts; You have covered me in my mother's womb.
 I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
 Marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows very well."


There really aren't too many days that we feel like a treasure, or maybe not special at all. BUT if you stop and think about it, think about the fact that HE created you just as you are AND then He GAVE His one and ONLY son to die so you might live....
then, you might begin to grasp it.

Right now, I hope you can pause and just soak in the love of God,
 to FEEL treasured and cherished.

"For when we were still without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.
 For scarcely for a righteous man will one die;
 yet perhaps for a good man someone woud even dare to die.
 But God demonstrates His own love toward us,
in that while we were still sinner,
 Christ died for us."
Romans 5:6-8

You are special
You are wonderfully unique
You are beautiful, just as God created you
You are loved
You are treasured!!!!

Love & Blessings!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

DoN't bLinK!!!!!!

I do realize it has been forever....geez, how does the time go by so swiftly!?

 Time is the equalizer of all mankind and yet I find myself feeling as if I am particularly short of it most days. I know I am not the only one, nor am I the busiest person ever. In fact I have had much busier times in life, yet....time is escaping me at a rapid rate these days.

 Anyone else feel this way?

Is it just how it is for most people these days?  More than likely it is just another ploy of the enemy, trying to make us feel like we just cannot keep up.
I sure feel like that most of the time!

Back in the day (meaning several years ago when I was a young mom) I read a book "More Hours In My Day" and followed the author Emile Barnes. She had no "great secret" either,  it was just all about managing our time and doing things that will be more effective and purposeful.
I am pretty sure I am utilizing as many time skills as possible, yet it seems to escape me.
Once again....I KNOW I am not the only one!

When I was a mom of "younguns" I felt like the days were so long
. So much to do, so many demands on me, my time, my energies..... YET....I knew then, and it is even more apparent now...the days were fleeting!!! No matter how much I enjoyed my babies and my time with them, they were all gone before I knew it!
Oh how I miss those days of being mom, with all my little chickadees here in my roost.

Ah, but life in an empty nest sure isn't bad at all I have to say.

When I have the chance to tell young moms, I like to tell them...the days are LONG (there is SO much to do, so many demands on you in every direction) BUT the years are fleeting....
so be sure and enjoy every moment while you can!

 It is something you will never get back....EVER!!!!!!!

 'Whatever you do.....don't blink!!!!!

One of the things I like to do while I am not "blinking"is to capture the moment in my heart, like a photograph. I like to close my eyes and take it ALL in..the sights, the sounds, the faces, the memories. I look around and take  a mental photograph that will live on in my heart forever! As the years have gone on I have revisited some of those mental photographs and they are just as precious as those physical phot.ographs

SO, take it from the mom of an empty who at times aches for the sights and sounds of her precious kiddos being close at hand, little ones who still needed their mommy.

DON'T BLINK!!!!!!!!


Thursday, May 24, 2012


There is a whole lot of "transition" going on in our lives these days.
Between my husband and I and each of our jobs, the word is being spoken in volumes

As I was walking and praying in the crisp cool, dark and peaceful air at 4 this morning, .... I was thinking about this stage of our life and it reminded me of  another type of transition.

 When we had our children we took Lamaze natural childbirth classes. In the coaching and teaching they described the various stages of childbirth. There was this one specific part of the labor and delivery process that they warned us about and gave us specific tools and tips to get through.
I remember that they told the coaches that this was going to be one of the hardest parts of their "job"  and they would have to hang in there and offer loving support at this particular time. They also made some strange (or so it seemed at the time) warnings that it was during this time that although you might be whispering great encouragement as you lean in to this laboring momma to might also be prepared for a sudden turn of events in that she just might take you by the collar and begin screaming at you and blaming you and acting a little bit crazy!!!! For the mommy to be this was a time marked with nauseau, extreme pain, & sudden bursts of emotion (thus the collar-grabbing-screaming-at-the-coach).

This difficult stage of the process is called TRANSITION.

 Although I never did grab my husband by the collar I sure do remember pleading and begging at that point for someone to just GET THIS BABY OUT! I was done, I had enough, I wanted to just get up and walk on out of there and have someone ELSE take over. It is a desperate feeling. Yet, there is NO way out. It is impossible to get that baby out without the process.
So, we have to keep on pushing through and endure the process.

There are times when our lives are "pregnant" with possibility and new things to come. Yet until we go through the entire process of labor and delivery of sorts we will never come to the end result, and lo and behold transition is an essential part of this.

 It is the hardest part.

Just as it was when I was having my precious babies, there shall be a prize, a perfectly wonderful GIFT, a light at the end of the tunnel.   The end is near.

I recently saw an illustration that describes this perfectly.
The illustration is a dissection of a picture of  someone digging their way out of a  tunnel. They are digging and digging and digging and then, they just get too tired, too overwhelmed, they stop, turn around and walk away. The bad thing is, when we look at the picture (seeing that which they cannot see) we find that had they just pressed on another few inches...just a little bit more digging and trying and giving it their all, they would have reached their reward!!!!
 The end was RIGHT THERE!!!

Transition is HARD...SO hard. We are desperate, we are tired, we are DONE with this. It is times like this that we need our coach to bend down and whisper in our ear, YOU CAN DO THIS. HANG IN THERE, YOU ARE ALMOST THERE.
If you are in a time like this, let me be the one to tell you...........HOLD ON...Just keep on digging, your light at the end of the tunnel is close, soooo close.

Just keep on keeping on.

When you feel ready to give up, visualize that tunnel scenario and remember you might be walking away JUST when you are about to break through!!!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Day Lesson from Momma Bird

Since we went to church last nite I was able to wake up leisurely and just hang out, a lovely treat indeed!!

I meandered onto the patio and was immediately welcomed by the cool, fresh early morning air (it is getting in the 90's here now).
 The MANY birds that have been hanging around our home lately were busily singing and flitting around. Right away my husband noticed that a little baby bird was making it's first attempt to fly out of a nest that had been built up in the gutters of his shop. He watched it try to set sail, only to drop the 20 feet or so to the ground. Then it began hoping around trying to muster up the strength it would take to get back to the nest. It would flutter up as high as it could, very close to the building, and then it would slide down the side of the building....back to the ground.
 Attempt after attempt.
Hopping, fluttering, flopping.....

Immediately I thought...this poor little birdy needs some help.

 Where is it's momma!?!?!?

 As quickly as I had that thought, I knew the answer.........

Momma bird is purposely NOT helping her precious little baby so it will gain strength, determination, and confidence to do it on it's own.She is probably watching from a spot close by, staying out of sight so her little fledgling will keep on trying.  Each time it flutters it is building the necessary muscles that will enable it to one day soar on it's own.

 Momma is a wise old bird.

I was struck by the correlation of it being Mother's day and me sitting here witnessing this little life lesson being played out before my very eyes.

 I admit, I have struggled with this concept of motherhood, stepping aside and allowing my baby birds to struggle and hop around trying so desperately to succeed. I tend to want to swoop in and pick them up and set them back, safely in the sweet cozy little nest. I like nests, I like cozy and safe and hassle free living! ;)

Although my little birdies have long ago flown our own little cozy, sweet nest, I am still finding I have to step back and watch them struggle and hop around....building strength, confidence, determination, ON THEIR OWN.

Who knew I would STILL be doing this?? Oh, they are fine on their own, this momma just thinks she has to be right there helping and supporting and watching ever so closely to be sure that her baby birds are safe and protected from any vultures that might come upon the weak little birdy as it struggles to find it's wings, lest it be devoured.

Lord knows we have had plenty of experience in this. All three of my kiddos have had to endure some pretty rough patches as adults. Times when they were once again learning the ropes of flight. Gaining new strength and confidence, determined to fly in the face of adversity and the pain that had tossed them from the cozy little nest that was once theirs.

Lessons from an empty nest come just as hard as those when the nest was full and bustling. But now, I must stand further back, I have learned even more how very important it is that I ALLOW them to feel the struggle and the anguish of defeat, in order that they then find the thrill and strength of victory.

The greatest desire for this momma bird is that no matter how many times my precious baby birds fall or get tossed from the nest, that they never forget where their strength comes from. We have but one source of strength within ourselves and that is God Himself. When we ALLOW Him in to rule and reign in our hearts we gain a strength that we would never otherwise have.

To all of you moms out there who are experiencing your little fledglings flutter and hop around learning how to spread their wings to fly....stand back dear ones, allow them the space they need, but be close enough to see if danger is eminent. They need time, they need practice and one day they will be soaring so high and you will feel so proud.

As I continue to watch our own little back yard birdie flutter and hop around I am reminded how very important our role is as momma bird. Knowing when to step back and when to step in. When to allow our little fledglings to struggle and even fall, before stepping in to save the day. A lesson I have to master so I can have the healthiest, strongest. most confident baby birds soaring high overhead!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Momma Birds out there!!!

Love & Blessings,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Feeling Fabulous!!!

I usually like to stick to encouraging YOU and things of that nature on my blog but today I just have to share something with you!

I am going to give you a little background first..........

I grew up being the chubby kid and much of my "issues" have stemmed from my being overweight the mojority of my life. Not that I feel defined by my weight, just that I have NEVER felt secure and comfortable with it.
 That may have been quite a contradiction.
Here's the thing.
 I was TOLD how big and clumsy I was so I believed it and it became my identity.
So even when I was not, I felt I was.
When you are living with  those old tapes playing in your head it is difficult to believe otherwise. I have come a long way from that, yet as I have aged I have found it more and more difficult to lose weight and stay at a healthy weight.
Not only that,but I have also been living with a chronic condition called Fibromyalgia (I know I have mentioned it on here before). Those symptoms can be quite painful and debilitating. So I am always striving to find a way to improve those symptoms and to rise above them.

On to the GOOD news!
I began a "nutritional re-balancing cleanse" and after 11 days I lost 16 pounds and feel FABULOUS!!!!
I am far from a "goal weight" but more importantly I feel as if I have found something that is helping me to feel good internally! My body is feeling the positive effects of cleansing out the toxins and being balanced with proper nutrients. It's truly amazing!

My husband did the program with me and he lost a whopping 21 pounds in the same amount of time! He does not have much to lose, but he was all for losing a bit and gaining some energy and good health.

I would like to share this video with you.....
If you are interested in this product when you are done, just let me know!!!!

We are not defined by how we look or how much we weigh, yet if you are like me you want to look good and feel good so you can live your best life for Christ!!! When we are at our best we are more strong and confident.

XO Love & Blessings to you!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Extraordinary girl....

A message **I** needed to hear....maybe you do too!

Dear Extraordinary Girl,

Something wonderful that happens to us as we are paying more attention to our souls...and that might not seem like such a wonderful the day that we get flat out, undeniably SICK AND TIRED of the way things are.

If you find yourself in this place, lovely friend, take heart and know that this is the catalyst for deep and meaningful change and for the resolve it will take to get from where you don't want to be to exactly where you want to be, and never go back.

There must come a day when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, when all of the excuses finally lose their power. There must come a day when things are so far from the path that feels like yours that you will do anything to get on the right path. THIS is a very good day, a day that deserves a thankful heart and serious consideration, attention and some of your undivided time.

So if you are sick and tired of the way things are, this is the doorway to the way things are meant to be. We must step out of what we don't want to be able to step into what we do want. It is SO WORTH IT.

Keep going, beautiful girl. You are going to get there. You are going to be ok. Everything is going to work out and this will be worth every tear you cry, every mile you walk, every hurdle you overcome.

You are so very loved.
A message from your friends at the Brave Girls Club -

Monday, February 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home


I love this cool doodle by Stephanie Ackerman! (she is quite the talented doodler!!)

When I first saw it, it evoked a rush of satisfaction in my heart......

You see we raised our family in a small home.

Through the years of raising our little family we lived primarily in two places
and both of those homes were just at 1,000 square feet,
with ONE bathroom.
I felt bad about it at times.........
But when I saw this little doodle and the quote it took on a whole new feeling.
I realize just how much our kiddos learned from those years
growing up close to one another and to us.

Sharing one bathroom certainly taught them a few life skills.
It was necessary to communicate with the other members of the family and
PLAN ahead as to when you were going to get your shower.
If you left it up to chance you might find yourself out of time!
Sharing, being considerate...all came into play.

We only had one TV all; those years so we spent all TV viewing time together.
I can still hear my sons laughter wafting through the entire house as he watched Funniest Home Videos.

I was also remembering that our lack of space never stopped us from hosting parties and holidays.
There were times it felt difficult, it was then that I would remember my own grandmother
managing to squeeze all of us into her even tinier home for every holiday and family gathering.
It would give me the resolve to make it work.
Funny thing is now each of my kiddos live in their own small spaces.
They too are making it work and growing their own tight families!

If you are finding yourself feeling like your living conditions are not optimum,
then I hope you will think of this quote and about how many families that grew
to be close and loving began in a "tight home"
and feel reassured that even in the little things like tiny homes
God has a plan and a purpose!

It is all in our perspective and in making the best of EVERYTHING!

Love & Blessings to all of large and small homes...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Everyone Has A Story....

I think far too often we forget that EVERYONE we meet,
everyone we come in contact with, brush up against,
 get behind in traffic, almost get knocked over by their grocery cart,
.....ALL have a story.


I have seen this video before but I think it is worth seeing again.

I sometimes wonder what we would think, how we would react to others, if we all
had little thought bubbles floating over our heads.
Thought bubbles that gave a description of what was going on in our hearts and lives.
Much like this video.

Would we be a little kinder,
more patient,
would we be quicker to smile at strangers?
Would we be more understanding?
Would we be slower to anger?

Honestly I think we can all think of numerous times when we were in a position
that we wish someone could see our little thought bubbles!
Times when  little understanding and kindness would have gone a long way.

Let me take you to one of those days I experienced this in a very real way.
 In fact it was the day this very concept became real to me.

The ICU room was perfectly silent except for the sound of the heart monitor.
My mother laid there, her eyes closed,
 I was not sure if she could hear me or understand anything I was saying.
 But I felt led to talk, to love on her, to sing to her about God's amazing Grace.
That is when the quietness became even deafening.
I coud no longer hear the rythmic sounds of the monitor.
I knew what it meant, but...............
I was having a very hard time believing this was happening.

She is DEAD!?
I was stunned, shaken, felt immediately weak at my knees.
After several minutes I felt the urgent need to get to the others.........
I made my way out the door and stepped into the vast hallway.
 Upon my exit a stranger who was walking quite briskly down the corridor
 brushed past me and nearly took my shoulder with him!
 I struggled to stay upright, the weakness in my knees threatening to take over.
This person had no idea.
There was no "sorry", no acknowledgement actually....
they just sailed right on by quick to get to their destination.

IMMEDIATELY I had the thought...........
He does not know my mom just died!!!!!!

Since that day I have found myself thinking about how I do not know the story of others.
I do my best to be considerate and remind myself that we all have something,
 a little bubble over our heads.
Oh yea, I have failed miserably many times!
But it is reminders like this that take me back
to a place where my heart remembers to
be considerate,
be mindful,
be kind,
be gentle....
Because you just never know the battle someone else is fighting.

I pray that as you go about your day you will begin to envision those little bubbles over
the heads of the people you come in contact with.
You might never see the words within the bubbles...
but I guarantee we all have them.

Be a blessing!
XO <3

Saturday, February 4, 2012

One Day At A Time

As you already know, I am a huge fan of  BRAVE GIRLS CLUB
If you have never checked them out, do so!
 You will be so inspired and encouraged.
 They have taken wing with the calling on their lives.
 It should inspire each one of us to do the same!
(it is definitely inspiring me!)
I share a lot from them because I am deeply touched by their words
and how they send them to us in "little letters."
 Something I always thought to do..........They DID it!!!
It is my desire in life to "share that which I know to encourage others."
Once again, they are DOING IT!

I also want you to know that I share this with permission
(on their blog they give full permission to share, as long as you know where it comes from)

So on to today's lovely message from the BGC.

I know a lot of women who could greatly benefit from these words today.

Dear Loveliest Lovely Girl,

So many things in life come to us in little pieces when really, we would love to know the whole thing, or have the whole thing. It is frustrating when we only know enough to get us through the day, or we only have enough to get us through the day, when we would love to know that we have enough to get us through the month, or the year, or the rest of our lives.

The truth of it is that we would never build up the kind of trust, faith and soul-peace that we need if we had everything we felt like we needed all the time, and always had enough for what we felt like we needed in the future too. We would not seek, or find because there would be nothing to seek or find. We would not know the joy of another day bringing us exactly what we need if we weren't so aware of what we needed every day. If we always had everything we felt like we needed, we would never even know what it feels like to need. So then we wouldn't know the joy, triumph, relief and peace that comes when what we need shows up.

So, beautiful friend, please just take heart. Please remember that everything happens exactly as it should, exactly when it should and exactly how it should, and that tomorrow will be the same. Take joy in the little miracles that show up right on time and feel the joy of knowing that your life is just one little miracle after another, so personally crafted and taken care of. Too many things happen too personally to ever believe that we are ever alone in this. Everything always comes right on time.

Be at peace. Everything is so good.
You are so very loved.
A message from your friends at the Brave Girls Club -

SO, here is to our life experiences and how they are shaping us into the very person God intends us to be.
That is when we allow them to work in our lives to be better
and not when we succomb to them allowing them to make us bitter.

God's word says that:
"All things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose!"
(Romans 8:28)


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Uniquely YOU!

Have you ever wondered WHY you had to go through some of the things you have.
Have you ever thought that maybe that is what helped mold you into who you are today?

That particular thought does not come right away, it usually comes when we are older and wiser and been through enough to know....
Enough to know that God knows and really, truly that is ALL that matters!

Here is a wonderful message from Brave Girls Club about this very thought..........

Dear Super Duper Girl,

If you had lived through different experiences, you would not have the same things to say. If you had not done what you have done, endured what you have endured, decided what you have decided, you would not know what you know. If you had not fallen where you fell and got back up where you got back would not be where you are.

You are you because of the sum of every minute you have been alive. You are you because of everything you have learned, no matter what it took to give you the lesson.

Because of all of these things, there is not another soul like you that ever existed and there never will be. Because of this, you have the ability to leave a beautiful mark on this world, and on every person you ever meet and every place you will ever go -- a mark that could NEVER EVER be made by anyone else.

Own it, girl. The beauty is in the real stuff. Be real, flaws and all.
You are so very very very loved.

I hope this helps you to go forth each new day KNOWING in the deepest part of your heart that your life is fabulous...fabulously YOURS! That in God's perfect plan ALL things will work together for the good, because you love HIM!!! (From Romans 8:28)

Next time you face that obstacle, or feel down about your past....remember this...remember that your life is uniquely YOURS because YOU ARE UNIQUELY YOU!!!!

Love & Blessings!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Trust in the Lord........

My favorite scripture since the time I was saved (in my early twenties) has been:
Proverbs 3:5-6.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, 
acknowledge HIM in ALL of your ways and He will direct your path."

Not sure anyone else will remember but there was a singer at the time named DION 
who had a song with these words as the lyrics. I am sure it is what helped cement them into my brain.

Today's devotion in "Jesus Calling" is about this very scripture...
It says that "trust is a golden pathway to heaven, when you walk on this path
you live above your circumstances."
"Relying on your own understanding will weigh you down.
Trust in ME absolutely, and I will make your path straight."

So here's to trusting HIM today in everything!
When you begin to feel overwhelmed and crazy about the circumstances that surround you
Take a deep breath and recite this scripture....

I know that I am always trying to figrue things out
so today I will NOT, I will just REST in HIS divine wisdom.

How about you!?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Terrific Tuesday.....

There are some precious souls out there that I love dearly but do not "see" on Facebook where I normally post daily encouragement....soooo...I decided it was time to start posting some of that encouragement right here.
The reason I haven't sooner is: 1) Because writing a blog is a strange thing. One never can tell  if anyone is really out there, listening, even caring to listen. I often feel as if I am talking to myself. 2) I take so dang long writing one single post that I cannot squeeze it into my busy life.
My solution? 1) Write anyway, because I believe it is something GOD has called me to do.  2) Quit taking so dang long to write!  ;) LOL!!!
So you might find little snippets more prevalent than the lengthy posts I am prone to. Actually now that I say that out loud (remember, I am talking to myself over here in blog land)... I realize that everyone is busy and does not have time to read long and lengthy posts anyway!

To kick start this off I wanted to share a BRAVE GIRLS message. I cannot say enough about this group of women who devote their life's work to encouraging women. It is what I dream of. Their messages speak that which I long for all women to hear. To know your worth and value in this world, to be encouraged and lifted up.

Dear Super Duper Girl,

If you had lived through different experiences, you would not have the same things to say. If you had not done what you have done, endured what you have endured, decided what you have decided, you would not know what you know. If you had not fallen where you fell and got back up where you got back would not be where you are.

You are you because of the sum of every minute you have been alive. You are you because of everything you have learned, no matter what it took to give you the lesson.

Because of all of these things, there is not another soul like you that ever existed and there never will be. Because of this, you have the ability to leave a beautiful mark on this world, and on every person you ever meet and every place you will ever go -- a mark that could NEVER EVER be made by anyone else.

Own it, girl. The beauty is in the real stuff. Be real, flaws and all.
You are so very very very loved.

I pray that you have a TERRIFIC Tuesday.........
Go out and make it great!!!
Love & Blessings!
XO Sherry

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I'm always the one asking others if they have made any new years resolutions...yesterday I was asked the question. What was sooo weird to me is that for the first time probably ever, I actually did not make any actual "resolutions" for the New year!

I haven't been able to get it out of my mind and this is what I think.........
I think maybe I resolve EVERY day to live my best life. I do my best to be always AWARE and seek GOD in every thing I see, say and do. I remain on a lifelong journey to do and BE all that I am created for. Each morning when I pray and commit my day and my life to HIM,  I am RESOLVING to live my best life and to do all those things HE would have me to do.

Sure enough I fail (that is why every morning I RE-commit!) Sure enough I feel less that successful and optimal, but sure enough.........I KEEP PRESSING ON!
His mercies are new every day and I need them!
His grace is sufficient for me........and for YOU too!!!

Did you make New Years Resolutions?
If not, it's okay....just make it a daily habit to resolve to live your best life, to doing and BEING the best YOU there is! That is what God wants!
He wants YOU to be YOU...the best you!!!!!

Here's to YOU and to a new year of daily resolving to be the BEST YOU there is!!!

Love & Blessings!