Sunday, August 12, 2012

DoN't bLinK!!!!!!

I do realize it has been forever....geez, how does the time go by so swiftly!?

 Time is the equalizer of all mankind and yet I find myself feeling as if I am particularly short of it most days. I know I am not the only one, nor am I the busiest person ever. In fact I have had much busier times in life, yet....time is escaping me at a rapid rate these days.

 Anyone else feel this way?

Is it just how it is for most people these days?  More than likely it is just another ploy of the enemy, trying to make us feel like we just cannot keep up.
I sure feel like that most of the time!

Back in the day (meaning several years ago when I was a young mom) I read a book "More Hours In My Day" and followed the author Emile Barnes. She had no "great secret" either,  it was just all about managing our time and doing things that will be more effective and purposeful.
I am pretty sure I am utilizing as many time skills as possible, yet it seems to escape me.
Once again....I KNOW I am not the only one!

When I was a mom of "younguns" I felt like the days were so long
. So much to do, so many demands on me, my time, my energies..... YET....I knew then, and it is even more apparent now...the days were fleeting!!! No matter how much I enjoyed my babies and my time with them, they were all gone before I knew it!
Oh how I miss those days of being mom, with all my little chickadees here in my roost.

Ah, but life in an empty nest sure isn't bad at all I have to say.

When I have the chance to tell young moms, I like to tell them...the days are LONG (there is SO much to do, so many demands on you in every direction) BUT the years are fleeting....
so be sure and enjoy every moment while you can!

 It is something you will never get back....EVER!!!!!!!

 'Whatever you do.....don't blink!!!!!

One of the things I like to do while I am not "blinking"is to capture the moment in my heart, like a photograph. I like to close my eyes and take it ALL in..the sights, the sounds, the faces, the memories. I look around and take  a mental photograph that will live on in my heart forever! As the years have gone on I have revisited some of those mental photographs and they are just as precious as those physical phot.ographs

SO, take it from the mom of an empty who at times aches for the sights and sounds of her precious kiddos being close at hand, little ones who still needed their mommy.

DON'T BLINK!!!!!!!!


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