Sunday, August 19, 2012


Photo: Enjoy every minute while you have them...even the moments like this. They'll be grown and gone before you know it. Happy First Day of School!

I thought I would share this in honor of all the kiddos heading back to school.

I was one of those moms that actually did not have to peel my little one off the tree to get her/him to school. They all were pretty excited, it was me who was apprehensive. Especially on their first day of kindergarten, I hated that they were growing up and moving on.
I may or may not have driven by the school to be sure they made it on the bus."

I was definitely the one clinging to them when they moved away.
I think I have shared here before a little bit about my transition into the empty nest.
It was not easy breezy by any means.
 I would probably have kept them in the nest for the rest of their lives!

I have three grown up kiddos.
The first little chick a dee flew the nest in  a hurry. After finishing beauty school and beginning her future in that field she suddenly decided she did not want to miss out on the college experience and would be heading out in a few short weeks! We hustled getting her all pulled together and ready for the big day. We spent the weekend getting her settled in and attended the welcome to college life meetings. One called Issues to Tissues"where a lot of parents were voicing their sorrow of how they were gonna miss their kiddo being at home, their weekly rituals, stuff like that. I cruised through it all, I was having a good time with my girl, getting to explore her new digs, getting her all settled, meeting her new friends....
It was time to say good bye!!!!!
I nearly fell into a heap in the parking lot.
I had to pull it together and get out of there with some dignity.
I found myself on the 4 1/2 hour drive home sobbing my heart out.
Her life was flashing through my mind....

To say it was an adjustment would be an understatement!
I may or may not have went into her room and cried on a regular basis.

We adjusted.
Life went on.
It was not the same. It never would be again.
 But life was not over

That little chickadee flew back home.
Only for a short while......
THEN......she and her baby sister decided to fly off together.
So, now I was saying good bye to BOTH my girly chick a dees!!!!!
My heart ached.
They were only moving 25 minutes away.
I was still a sad momma bird.
I missed my girls.
I had a hard time adjusting.
 But I did still have one more to keep me busy, my boy.

It wasn't long til I was bidding him good bye as well.
He was leaving on his 18th birthday to become a US Marine!!!
YUP, that was a tough one!!!!!!
Momma bird cannot just pick up a phone and call her baby then!
MANY days/weeks would go by without hearing his voice.
and truly, so was my heart.

The house was empty...
SO, I took one of the rooms and made it into my very own,
first ever...
craft room!!!!!
I called it my consolation prize!

I learned to adapt.
I crafted a  lot!
I prayed a LOT!!!
 I cried a LOT!!!!

But I am here to say that it was all a part of the growing process and in retrospect I might have cried a few less tears. (maybe)
I have definitely adapted to the empty nest and have to say.......
It's not bad!!!!!!!!!!!
Granted, there are days/times, when I feel the ache of days gone by when it was a family of five hanging out, laughing, playing, living......together!!

I have the added "prizes"now of "grandchildren"and they sure do make life sweeter!
There is still nothing like hearing my kiddos'voices on the other end of the phone or feeling their hugs when we get to see one another.

During all those years they were home in the nest we were creating tender memories, the foundation they are now building their lives upon.
It was vitally important.
It was what made them who they are today.

So, to all you moms out there sending your babies off to school.
I wish you well.
Know that you WILL get through this.
It hurts.
No doubt about it!!!!

One day you will be enjoying the peace and quiet you are craving today.
You will actually miss the sticky kisses and fingerprinted windows.
 (well maybe not the work of cleaning it up, but you know what I mean! ha!!)

Growing up is a process for us as well as for our kiddos.
This is the beginning of a new season, embrace it as best you can.

Send them off with love and prayers and know that no matter how old they are, your job as MOM is never done, it is just ever changing!!!

Love & Blessings!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! I'm not going to lie the picture above made me laugh a little, Jaycie started preschool on Monday. Day One: "Bye mom, dont forget to pick me up" Day Two: That pictures says it all, Only she wasnt holding on to a tree, she was attached to my leg as her teacher had to pry her off my body! I sobbed the entire way to work. Then called Brent like a crazy person upset that he got to be the hero that picked her up!!!
    Love You and love your posts !!!

  2. Oh Abbi!!! You are such a good mommy!
    I was with your sweet momma last nite and she was sharing how awful your...errrr.. Jaycie's day went. How hard that must have been for you to leave!!! I'm sure it is going to get easier and easier. Hang in there sweetie....the days are long, but the time FLIES by. Enjoy that precious baby girl!! XO <3