Monday, January 17, 2011

Restoring My Soul

So far 2011 has been a wonderful time of GrOwing forward in hopes of becoming a better ME!

I am in the midst of some SOUL RESTORATION at Brave Girls
WOW, it is amazing!!

We all get caught up in life and the demands it makes on us and we get a little LOST in the shuffle. We lose a part of us that yearns to be heard, to be known. It is vitally important that we restore that part of our soul because God put us here on this earth, each one of us, for reasons HE has in mind.
It is up to YOU to be who He created you to be so that you are doing YOUR part in making this world a better place. There never will be another one just like you. It is up to you to be and do all that you can while you are here on earth.

I talked last time about a lot of RE words and this time I am talking about GrOwing
(I write it like that because to me it means I am GOing forward and GROWing along the way...).

If you put the two together you have REGROW..........hmmmmmmmmmmmm...........

Sounds like a pretty good plan of action to me!!!

So, here's to REGROWING in 2011. I pray that you will re-grow all the things in your life that have gone dormant and been crushed and trampled.
We have so much to look forward to, so much to do while we can.

With much love and blessings....

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have finally had time to sit and read and write and think and ponder and pray and look forward to the NEW YEAR with faith and hope and anticipation.

I love this time of the year for this very reason!!!

I am one of those who loves to set aside time to come up with a plan for a new start, a fresh beginning, a RE-grouping of sorts.

I do not believe that New Year's Eve/Day and thereabouts has any magical power....I just believe it is a great reminder to STOP, LOOK and the world and our life around us. To REflect over the past year, the blunders, the absurdities, the blessings, and everything in-between. To RE-evaluate that which you stand for, the traps you have fallen into and all that you have forgotten to REmember!

It is a fabulous time to RE-focus.

In doing so I literally list the areas of my life that I believe need to be fine tuned (actually I list them all and RE-evaluate each one of them). I try to REmember the things I felt over the year, good and bad, making sense of each one of the feelings and the REsults they had in my life.

I REport to GOD and together we REorganize what needs more attention, what needs to be REleased and how I need to go about all of this!

Some of it does not come without a heavy price.

This year I had to come to a few decisions that will affect me both good and bad, but it was time. One of those was to choose to REduce the amount of time I work so I can REgain my health. It will be a financial sacrifice but it will also hold great REwards in the end I am certain.

So I am sort of REorganizing my life.

It is also time to REnew my commitments, REflecting on what those are and how they need to be REpurposed to serve me better in 2011.

I do not feel as if I am REinventing myself so much as I am simply REcovering that which was already there, which leads to a REnewing of my BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.
It was time I REspect myself enough to REplenish that which has gotten lost in the shuffle of life.

As I look at all the lists, the REsolutions, I have ultimately made...I am feeling REjuvinated to REpurpose my time and my is a REcipe for the new year.

It is my tendancy to fret and worry and be consumed.....instead I am going to REjoice in the fact that GOD has it ALL under control. (I may need REminded of this from time to time!) he he!!!

So, a little late I know but HAPPY NEW YEAR dear ones!!!
May you find the RE's in your life and come alive and thrive in 2011!!!!!

Love & Blessings!