Thursday, May 24, 2012


There is a whole lot of "transition" going on in our lives these days.
Between my husband and I and each of our jobs, the word is being spoken in volumes

As I was walking and praying in the crisp cool, dark and peaceful air at 4 this morning, .... I was thinking about this stage of our life and it reminded me of  another type of transition.

 When we had our children we took Lamaze natural childbirth classes. In the coaching and teaching they described the various stages of childbirth. There was this one specific part of the labor and delivery process that they warned us about and gave us specific tools and tips to get through.
I remember that they told the coaches that this was going to be one of the hardest parts of their "job"  and they would have to hang in there and offer loving support at this particular time. They also made some strange (or so it seemed at the time) warnings that it was during this time that although you might be whispering great encouragement as you lean in to this laboring momma to might also be prepared for a sudden turn of events in that she just might take you by the collar and begin screaming at you and blaming you and acting a little bit crazy!!!! For the mommy to be this was a time marked with nauseau, extreme pain, & sudden bursts of emotion (thus the collar-grabbing-screaming-at-the-coach).

This difficult stage of the process is called TRANSITION.

 Although I never did grab my husband by the collar I sure do remember pleading and begging at that point for someone to just GET THIS BABY OUT! I was done, I had enough, I wanted to just get up and walk on out of there and have someone ELSE take over. It is a desperate feeling. Yet, there is NO way out. It is impossible to get that baby out without the process.
So, we have to keep on pushing through and endure the process.

There are times when our lives are "pregnant" with possibility and new things to come. Yet until we go through the entire process of labor and delivery of sorts we will never come to the end result, and lo and behold transition is an essential part of this.

 It is the hardest part.

Just as it was when I was having my precious babies, there shall be a prize, a perfectly wonderful GIFT, a light at the end of the tunnel.   The end is near.

I recently saw an illustration that describes this perfectly.
The illustration is a dissection of a picture of  someone digging their way out of a  tunnel. They are digging and digging and digging and then, they just get too tired, too overwhelmed, they stop, turn around and walk away. The bad thing is, when we look at the picture (seeing that which they cannot see) we find that had they just pressed on another few inches...just a little bit more digging and trying and giving it their all, they would have reached their reward!!!!
 The end was RIGHT THERE!!!

Transition is HARD...SO hard. We are desperate, we are tired, we are DONE with this. It is times like this that we need our coach to bend down and whisper in our ear, YOU CAN DO THIS. HANG IN THERE, YOU ARE ALMOST THERE.
If you are in a time like this, let me be the one to tell you...........HOLD ON...Just keep on digging, your light at the end of the tunnel is close, soooo close.

Just keep on keeping on.

When you feel ready to give up, visualize that tunnel scenario and remember you might be walking away JUST when you are about to break through!!!



  1. Awesome!! reminds me of hebrews 12:1-2. I enjoy your blog and hope you keep us all posted on the transitions in your lives.