Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Day Lesson from Momma Bird

Since we went to church last nite I was able to wake up leisurely and just hang out, a lovely treat indeed!!

I meandered onto the patio and was immediately welcomed by the cool, fresh early morning air (it is getting in the 90's here now).
 The MANY birds that have been hanging around our home lately were busily singing and flitting around. Right away my husband noticed that a little baby bird was making it's first attempt to fly out of a nest that had been built up in the gutters of his shop. He watched it try to set sail, only to drop the 20 feet or so to the ground. Then it began hoping around trying to muster up the strength it would take to get back to the nest. It would flutter up as high as it could, very close to the building, and then it would slide down the side of the building....back to the ground.
 Attempt after attempt.
Hopping, fluttering, flopping.....

Immediately I thought...this poor little birdy needs some help.

 Where is it's momma!?!?!?

 As quickly as I had that thought, I knew the answer.........

Momma bird is purposely NOT helping her precious little baby so it will gain strength, determination, and confidence to do it on it's own.She is probably watching from a spot close by, staying out of sight so her little fledgling will keep on trying.  Each time it flutters it is building the necessary muscles that will enable it to one day soar on it's own.

 Momma is a wise old bird.

I was struck by the correlation of it being Mother's day and me sitting here witnessing this little life lesson being played out before my very eyes.

 I admit, I have struggled with this concept of motherhood, stepping aside and allowing my baby birds to struggle and hop around trying so desperately to succeed. I tend to want to swoop in and pick them up and set them back, safely in the sweet cozy little nest. I like nests, I like cozy and safe and hassle free living! ;)

Although my little birdies have long ago flown our own little cozy, sweet nest, I am still finding I have to step back and watch them struggle and hop around....building strength, confidence, determination, ON THEIR OWN.

Who knew I would STILL be doing this?? Oh, they are fine on their own, this momma just thinks she has to be right there helping and supporting and watching ever so closely to be sure that her baby birds are safe and protected from any vultures that might come upon the weak little birdy as it struggles to find it's wings, lest it be devoured.

Lord knows we have had plenty of experience in this. All three of my kiddos have had to endure some pretty rough patches as adults. Times when they were once again learning the ropes of flight. Gaining new strength and confidence, determined to fly in the face of adversity and the pain that had tossed them from the cozy little nest that was once theirs.

Lessons from an empty nest come just as hard as those when the nest was full and bustling. But now, I must stand further back, I have learned even more how very important it is that I ALLOW them to feel the struggle and the anguish of defeat, in order that they then find the thrill and strength of victory.

The greatest desire for this momma bird is that no matter how many times my precious baby birds fall or get tossed from the nest, that they never forget where their strength comes from. We have but one source of strength within ourselves and that is God Himself. When we ALLOW Him in to rule and reign in our hearts we gain a strength that we would never otherwise have.

To all of you moms out there who are experiencing your little fledglings flutter and hop around learning how to spread their wings to fly....stand back dear ones, allow them the space they need, but be close enough to see if danger is eminent. They need time, they need practice and one day they will be soaring so high and you will feel so proud.

As I continue to watch our own little back yard birdie flutter and hop around I am reminded how very important our role is as momma bird. Knowing when to step back and when to step in. When to allow our little fledglings to struggle and even fall, before stepping in to save the day. A lesson I have to master so I can have the healthiest, strongest. most confident baby birds soaring high overhead!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Momma Birds out there!!!

Love & Blessings,


  1. My mom used to say that like a momma bird she had tried to teach us to fly and fend for ourselves but there came a day when you have to nudge them out of the nest to fly solo. I totally I relate as a mother!

    I told one of my guys onetime that the hardest thing about being a mother/parent was watching them struggle and go through things when often you could "swoop" in and help them but that it wouldn't really be helping them. Still true today and they all have kids of their own growing up and now leaving the nest.

    Not only can this illustration relate to us mothers/parents but to God our Father also having to watch us as we endeavor to find our way. Great post Sherry! You amaze me sometimes lady, seeing things beyond what most people see.

  2. I LOVES THIS :)
    Happy Mother's Day!!
    Hope your day was as wonderful as you are :)
    LOVE & Miss you!