Sunday, January 29, 2012

Uniquely YOU!

Have you ever wondered WHY you had to go through some of the things you have.
Have you ever thought that maybe that is what helped mold you into who you are today?

That particular thought does not come right away, it usually comes when we are older and wiser and been through enough to know....
Enough to know that God knows and really, truly that is ALL that matters!

Here is a wonderful message from Brave Girls Club about this very thought..........

Dear Super Duper Girl,

If you had lived through different experiences, you would not have the same things to say. If you had not done what you have done, endured what you have endured, decided what you have decided, you would not know what you know. If you had not fallen where you fell and got back up where you got back would not be where you are.

You are you because of the sum of every minute you have been alive. You are you because of everything you have learned, no matter what it took to give you the lesson.

Because of all of these things, there is not another soul like you that ever existed and there never will be. Because of this, you have the ability to leave a beautiful mark on this world, and on every person you ever meet and every place you will ever go -- a mark that could NEVER EVER be made by anyone else.

Own it, girl. The beauty is in the real stuff. Be real, flaws and all.
You are so very very very loved.

I hope this helps you to go forth each new day KNOWING in the deepest part of your heart that your life is fabulous...fabulously YOURS! That in God's perfect plan ALL things will work together for the good, because you love HIM!!! (From Romans 8:28)

Next time you face that obstacle, or feel down about your past....remember this...remember that your life is uniquely YOURS because YOU ARE UNIQUELY YOU!!!!

Love & Blessings!

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