Saturday, February 4, 2012

One Day At A Time

As you already know, I am a huge fan of  BRAVE GIRLS CLUB
If you have never checked them out, do so!
 You will be so inspired and encouraged.
 They have taken wing with the calling on their lives.
 It should inspire each one of us to do the same!
(it is definitely inspiring me!)
I share a lot from them because I am deeply touched by their words
and how they send them to us in "little letters."
 Something I always thought to do..........They DID it!!!
It is my desire in life to "share that which I know to encourage others."
Once again, they are DOING IT!

I also want you to know that I share this with permission
(on their blog they give full permission to share, as long as you know where it comes from)

So on to today's lovely message from the BGC.

I know a lot of women who could greatly benefit from these words today.

Dear Loveliest Lovely Girl,

So many things in life come to us in little pieces when really, we would love to know the whole thing, or have the whole thing. It is frustrating when we only know enough to get us through the day, or we only have enough to get us through the day, when we would love to know that we have enough to get us through the month, or the year, or the rest of our lives.

The truth of it is that we would never build up the kind of trust, faith and soul-peace that we need if we had everything we felt like we needed all the time, and always had enough for what we felt like we needed in the future too. We would not seek, or find because there would be nothing to seek or find. We would not know the joy of another day bringing us exactly what we need if we weren't so aware of what we needed every day. If we always had everything we felt like we needed, we would never even know what it feels like to need. So then we wouldn't know the joy, triumph, relief and peace that comes when what we need shows up.

So, beautiful friend, please just take heart. Please remember that everything happens exactly as it should, exactly when it should and exactly how it should, and that tomorrow will be the same. Take joy in the little miracles that show up right on time and feel the joy of knowing that your life is just one little miracle after another, so personally crafted and taken care of. Too many things happen too personally to ever believe that we are ever alone in this. Everything always comes right on time.

Be at peace. Everything is so good.
You are so very loved.
A message from your friends at the Brave Girls Club -

SO, here is to our life experiences and how they are shaping us into the very person God intends us to be.
That is when we allow them to work in our lives to be better
and not when we succomb to them allowing them to make us bitter.

God's word says that:
"All things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose!"
(Romans 8:28)


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