Saturday, February 11, 2012

Everyone Has A Story....

I think far too often we forget that EVERYONE we meet,
everyone we come in contact with, brush up against,
 get behind in traffic, almost get knocked over by their grocery cart,
.....ALL have a story.


I have seen this video before but I think it is worth seeing again.

I sometimes wonder what we would think, how we would react to others, if we all
had little thought bubbles floating over our heads.
Thought bubbles that gave a description of what was going on in our hearts and lives.
Much like this video.

Would we be a little kinder,
more patient,
would we be quicker to smile at strangers?
Would we be more understanding?
Would we be slower to anger?

Honestly I think we can all think of numerous times when we were in a position
that we wish someone could see our little thought bubbles!
Times when  little understanding and kindness would have gone a long way.

Let me take you to one of those days I experienced this in a very real way.
 In fact it was the day this very concept became real to me.

The ICU room was perfectly silent except for the sound of the heart monitor.
My mother laid there, her eyes closed,
 I was not sure if she could hear me or understand anything I was saying.
 But I felt led to talk, to love on her, to sing to her about God's amazing Grace.
That is when the quietness became even deafening.
I coud no longer hear the rythmic sounds of the monitor.
I knew what it meant, but...............
I was having a very hard time believing this was happening.

She is DEAD!?
I was stunned, shaken, felt immediately weak at my knees.
After several minutes I felt the urgent need to get to the others.........
I made my way out the door and stepped into the vast hallway.
 Upon my exit a stranger who was walking quite briskly down the corridor
 brushed past me and nearly took my shoulder with him!
 I struggled to stay upright, the weakness in my knees threatening to take over.
This person had no idea.
There was no "sorry", no acknowledgement actually....
they just sailed right on by quick to get to their destination.

IMMEDIATELY I had the thought...........
He does not know my mom just died!!!!!!

Since that day I have found myself thinking about how I do not know the story of others.
I do my best to be considerate and remind myself that we all have something,
 a little bubble over our heads.
Oh yea, I have failed miserably many times!
But it is reminders like this that take me back
to a place where my heart remembers to
be considerate,
be mindful,
be kind,
be gentle....
Because you just never know the battle someone else is fighting.

I pray that as you go about your day you will begin to envision those little bubbles over
the heads of the people you come in contact with.
You might never see the words within the bubbles...
but I guarantee we all have them.

Be a blessing!
XO <3


  1. Ah, so very true my friend. I have to remind myself of this often when at work and dealing with a mean or short fused patient. I might get the brunt of their behavior, but I have no idea what is really going on in their lives outside of the office.

    Great post and thanks for sharing it!

  2. I love this. I have thought about this a lot. It's true and I try to always think when I get upset with someone I don't know what you are going through. I've even prayed for people just because they look sad. I will walk through this week and remind myself everyone has a bubble not just me. Love you Sherry thank you!