Monday, February 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home


I love this cool doodle by Stephanie Ackerman! (she is quite the talented doodler!!)

When I first saw it, it evoked a rush of satisfaction in my heart......

You see we raised our family in a small home.

Through the years of raising our little family we lived primarily in two places
and both of those homes were just at 1,000 square feet,
with ONE bathroom.
I felt bad about it at times.........
But when I saw this little doodle and the quote it took on a whole new feeling.
I realize just how much our kiddos learned from those years
growing up close to one another and to us.

Sharing one bathroom certainly taught them a few life skills.
It was necessary to communicate with the other members of the family and
PLAN ahead as to when you were going to get your shower.
If you left it up to chance you might find yourself out of time!
Sharing, being considerate...all came into play.

We only had one TV all; those years so we spent all TV viewing time together.
I can still hear my sons laughter wafting through the entire house as he watched Funniest Home Videos.

I was also remembering that our lack of space never stopped us from hosting parties and holidays.
There were times it felt difficult, it was then that I would remember my own grandmother
managing to squeeze all of us into her even tinier home for every holiday and family gathering.
It would give me the resolve to make it work.
Funny thing is now each of my kiddos live in their own small spaces.
They too are making it work and growing their own tight families!

If you are finding yourself feeling like your living conditions are not optimum,
then I hope you will think of this quote and about how many families that grew
to be close and loving began in a "tight home"
and feel reassured that even in the little things like tiny homes
God has a plan and a purpose!

It is all in our perspective and in making the best of EVERYTHING!

Love & Blessings to all of large and small homes...


  1. thanks for posting this on this morning! I too live in a small home that is in need of much repair and am fighting desparatly to make it all work ..... God has blessed me with this home growing up my parents never owned a home so we moved alot and even tho my mom always made a house into a home there is something to be said for it being mine ! My word this yr is SIMPLIFY and it is amazing that as I am practicing my word .... my house is "GROWING"

    1. It is all in our perspective, our attitude...that is true proof!
      I pray God's great blessings on your Home Sweet Home! XO <3

  2. i LOVE this!!!!! I miss our little East Woodrow House!
    Reading this definately brought back memories of me and Audrey finding sneaky ways to lock each other out of our ohh sooo tiny bathroom. But also brought back memories of the sleep overs we had with friends with living room, how close it was to our parents bedroom, and how my mom actually slept through it all.
    Thanks for sharing this doodle :)

    1. Precious memories indeed!
      I too miss those sweet East Woodrow days!
      Now YOU are making sweet memories in your own sweet little Home Sweet Home with your precious little family!
      Love you sweet Abbi!
      XO <3