Saturday, November 10, 2012


Uhmmmm... I guess I forgot I have a blog!!!

Not sure how that happens but life just seems to move so swiftly that it causes me to forget to come here and write a little something now and then.

So much has been going on, life has been a happy, busy blur.

During this time I have been coming to some realizations and pondering some ideas that have been dropped into my mind by God Himself. It seems that the more we listen, the more we will actually hear! Ha! Go figure! But no, really...I found myself on the mountain where we used to live, taking walks and enjoying the blazing beauty of autumn. I  was able to perch myself on the mountain top with a fabulous view to feast my eyes on while it fed my soul. Being in nature seems to have that effect on me.

For years when we lived ön the mountain"I would take my daily 4 mile walks and be able to chat with God in a very uninterrupted, serene way. There weren't many people around, just me and the trail and the glorious scene around me. Being there brought back so many memories of the many times I walked that path and how many tears I have cried, prayers I have prayed, the many miles I put in.

While we lived there we endured many of life's trials and tribulations (that happens over the span of 14 years!) At one point in particular I was going through a very difficult time and my walks became my escape. I would just walk and walk and walk, talking to God the entire time. It was so therapeutic, so healing. After months of that kind of walking I decided I wanted to trek to the TOP of the mountain and back. From my front door that was an 18 mile walk, straight up and back down.

So I did.
On my 39th birthday I had an amazing physical/spiritual journey.
The events of that day have been ingrained on my heart and are the very lessons that have spurred me on to writing a book (which is still in the works). God did a mighty work in me that day, He delivered me from my childhood issues and brought me into the light of adulthood without the baggage I had been carrying all those years. It was as if I was carrying along a back pack filled with big, heavy rocks, each one representing an ïssue". The process dumping of those childhood issues brought back the very words God had spoken to my heart many years prior.


Until we are able to release the wounds of our past, those things that have clouded our vision, tainted our view and rendered us ineffective must be ditched for good, allowing us to live in a new found freedom and effectiveness.

I plan to get back to my writing and maybe one day I will complete that book. It burns in my heart to share that which I learned because I want everyone to live in the freedom that God offers us and desires us to have. He wants us to let go of the past, of the things that hinder our effectiveness and holds us back from being who He created us to be.

In the meantime, let me encourage you to go outside and enjoy the brilliant changing of seasons. While you are breathing in the fresh, crisp air, be mindful of the way God is working in your heart and LISTEN to what He might be wanting to say to you!

In order to hear Him, you have to tune out the noise of the world and actually listen with a quiet and open heart.

I think I am going to do the next best thing tomorrow and go for a walk at the local park and let my mind and heart be filled with HIM.

XO Love & Blessings to you!

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  1. I this autumn draws me to a different place as the splendor of the Lord is everywhere here in our state of Michigan. I'm reminded that if He can cause the leaves to change into so many glorious colors then surely he can cause change in my heart as well.

    Great post! So glad you shared.