Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day!


My son, the US MARINE has served our country for 10 years now.
He has raced up the ranks and is a Staff Sergeant.
YES we are ever so proud!!!!

(this photo is of he and his sisters the day they "pinned him"Staff Seargant)

He is a humble young man and thinks he has done nothing. YET, he has been a part of the war in the middle east since the day he enlisted. He and his sweet little family are apart more that they are together due to the many deployments and trainings he is required to go to.

BUT if you ask him...He says he has done nothing.
 He is not a "hero".

In fact this morning when I texted him to wish him a Hppy Veterans Dy he was quick to tell me that the TRUE heros are those who have done so much more.

Yet, I know for a fact that he has seen more and done more than he will ever admit to.
 Such is the life of a humble servant, a veteran!

This boy, this MAN, this US Marine is MY hero!
 He has served and sacrificed in ways that many of us will never comprehend. He has been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, he has flown across the world to be at his cousins, a fellow Marines, funeral. to represent his family and his country at a time when our hearts were breaking. He has been faithful, honorable, integral, a leader, an outstanding Marine even in the toughest of times. He has missed more holidays and special days than he will ever admit to. I cannot remember the last time his birthday was a time of being together. (He says it is just another day.)

This 28 year old Marine is a fine young man, and he is one of many. Many who currently serve our country. There are MANY who have gone before him and many that will follow behind.

We owe a debt of gratitude to those who have given so much.

To "MY HERO"I say.........THANK YOU SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God Bless you for ALL you have done and all that you ARE!!!!
Your momma loves you!!!!


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  1. I would like to also say thank-you. To you, your son, his family and all of you. I know the sacrifice that all of you make and appreciate every difficult moment given so freely in service to this country. - Susan XOXO