Monday, April 27, 2015

Pushing PAUSE

Once the Spring Cleaning process begins you get on a roll....and then sometimes it comes to a screeching halt because, well because, life happens.
That is what has happened here on the homefront. I still have much to do but I have had to push pause for a bit while other things are going on. I am sure you can relate.
One of the things I am being sure to do while I am in this holding pattern is to completely rid of all of the piles, bags, "stuff" I have pulled out. Completing, following through with the process. Then when I am ready to dig back in I will not have piles of clutter in the way.

How does that look in our hearts?

You have pulled out all of the junk that has been held inside, now do not move on until you have completely processed what needs to be done.
Do you need to seek forgiveness? Is it time you forgive someone else and LET IT GO? Go ahead and break into that popular show tune.  ;)  Are you ready to own your mistakes and move on? Can you finally break free from the voices of your past? I know it is time to see yourself as God sees you. Time to release your insecurities and doubts and open your heart to God's plan for your life.

If you too are in pause mode, it's the perfect time to be thorough and compete the process you have begun. You will never succeed in life if you quit in the middle of the process. Carry on sweet sister and while you are at it...LET IT GO!

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