Tuesday, March 31, 2015


As I was preparing for the final meetings of Soul Steps I became overwhelmed thinking of everything I wanted to say to my sweet ladies before I sent them out to fly. My mind raced in wonder if I had told them everything I wanted to, if I had given them ample tools for going forth.

Obviously our seven weeks together does not equal the sum of their life's lessons and instruction. Yet there is a part of me that feels so invested in them that I feel led to be sure I have helped them adequately.

Over the course of seven weeks in Soul Steps there is a process that occurs. This process is so much like Spring cleaning. We begin digging out of our proverbial closet, releasing the "stuff" that we have held on to for far too long. Just as it is in the actual spring cleaning process we are faced with putting things where they belong. Releasing the stuff we have continued holding on to.

Part of living a life of freedom comes from no longer holding on to things that have been holding you down, holding you back from the full potential that God intends you to live.

As you might begin to do a little spring cleaning now that the weather is warming up (it tends to be a natural response to the sunshine and longer days). I urge you to look into your heart to see what is in there that needs to be dug out. What has been taking up valuable space long enough that needs released? Are you holding on to unforgiveness? Maybe you have expectations that you cannot live up to, or that you hold others up to? Is it perfectionism? Oh, that is subject we could talk to in great depth.
I think I will begin talking about the Spring Cleaning subject regularly in the weeks to come here on my blog.

For today I encourage you to begin realizing the truth of the One who created you. That He has a plan  and a purpose for you, one that includes a life of love and freedom. Freedom from bondage of the heavy weights we continue to carry around day after day.

More than anything today or any day He wants you to know that:

 Did you notice there is a period at the end of that sentence?
He says you are enough  PERIOD. 

I read it this way recently;

Not because you did or said or thought or bought of became or created something special but because YOU ALWAYS WERE.

Let that thought mull over in your mind all day today as you go about your day. Hear it, feel it, soak it up to the depths of your being.

Much love,

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