Monday, August 24, 2015

FREE Life Coaching Sessions

Have you ever wished you could afford a Life Coach but you figured it was out of your reach? Or you just wanted to run things by someone to help get clarity?

 Well, I might just be your gal.

Last month I took a leap into yet another Life Coach training course.
 I am currently certified as a Christian Life Coach, but this course will further my knowledge and give me an accreditation.
As part of our training we are required to give 20 sample sessions.

A Sample Life Coach Session lasts only 15 minutes and is focused on a particular topic that has been pre-determined.  So, basically it is something you have on your heart and mind and would love to talk to someone about.

Maybe you just need to discuss an area of life that you feel overwhelmed about, or you feel like you could use some direction.
 Life coaching is a collaborative relationship that helps you find your way when the path seems unclear.

I would like to offer this service to my blog readers. We can arrange a phone call session so no matter where you live we can make it happen.
You can contact me via my email at if you are interested in your own personal 15-minute sample session.

It is my passion to help other women on this journey of life by sharing that which I know, what I have experienced and learned along the way.

Let me know if I can be a conduit of God to help you on your personal journey.
May you be blessed and always remember…YOU ARE ENOUGH!
Love& Blessings,
XO Sherry

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