Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Some changes happen in life whether you choose them or not. Some happen suddenly without warning and take you by surprise, forever changing the landscape of your life.

Then there are some that come after much consideration, lots of thoughtful, diligent prayer, after considering the cost and weighing the options. These kind of changes are often born of a prompting of the Holy Spirit, knowing that you are to step out and do that thing God has called you to do.

I tell other women that they are created wonderfully with a plan and purpose by their Creator. That God has intention for their lives and it is up to them to make themselves available and willing to do that which  burns within them.

It is in that spirit that I have made my decision to take big, bold steps out of my comfort zone into the land of the unknown.

 Today is the last day of my "office job" I have worked at for the last three years.

A job where I have come to know and love some amazing co-workers. A job that has taught me a great deal and stretched me in ways I appreciate. I have learned many lessons during these three years that I will certainly never forget. I have been blessed to work for friends who are thriving successful business people. They are the most hard-working, diligent, smart, industrious, generous family I have ever met!
As I get ready for this day I am feeling the emotion that comes with heart ties and leaving those who have been a part of my every day life.  It is striking me just how much I will miss each one of them!

On the flipside...I cannot wait to share what this journey is ahead of me, what I have been working on for YEARS! I plan to make that announcement tomorrow, the first day I do not get up and get ready for work at DMW Industries Inc.

Have a  beautifully blessed day dear ones!!