Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Depression and that deep pit....

With so much in the news the past two days about depression following the devastating news of Robin Williams suicide, I felt a tug to share a little.
You see... I have battled that green-eyed-monster called "Depression".
It is a battle that, unless you too have fought, you probably cannot fully comprehend.

I have been hearing conversations about "How could anyone ever feel so low and desperate", "How could someone take their life when they have kids/wife/etc."

First off, it doesn't  make "sense". 
Depression is a pit of despair that makes even less sense to the person who struggles with that nasty issue. When you free fall into that pit of despair you have no sense of reality in the way that truly "makes sense." Something comes over you and overtakes your senses to the point of desperation.
It is a chemical imbalance that can cause great destruction if left untreated.

I will never forget the words of author/speaker Sheila Walsh when speaking of the depression she struggled with for years. She said that if you had diabetes you would take your insulin, same holds true for someone who struggles with depression; if they are in need of medication to balance them out, they should take their meds.
My own mother was diagnosed with bi-polar disease. It took it's toll on her and those around her.... this illness can be so harmful when untreated.

I guess my point is this; I want those of you who have "NO IDEA" how anyone could possibly feel THAT low and desperate, to have an insight into the window of desperation. There really is not a lot anyone can do, except acknowledge and be there for someone if & when you notice them retreating and falling into that pit. Unfortunately it is not always obvious or apparent, so throwing a life-line is not always an option. Maybe your eyes can be opened a bit more than they ever were before, maybe you will take notice of those around you who seem a little down or blue.

 Although it is never your responsibility to be sure someone is "ok",  it IS your work (for God) to reach out to those around you in hopes that you can build up and encourage them, which is all the more reason to be in-tune to His voice.

In light of our beloved comedian as well as so many others I can think of right now (Rick and Kay Warren's son, Marie Osmand's son....) Let us love and encourage one another in the Lord, let us be kind and considerate, let us be mindful and thoughtful.

Life can be tough, but always....GOD IS GOOD!!!!!

If you are the one in the pit, reach out!!!
 I am here for you!
 Others are here for you!
 Do not feel like you have no where to turn!
 I know that feeling, but it is fleeting, truly it is..... and if you can just move past it, you WILL feel better..... I PROMISE!!!!!

Much love and blessings!!!!
XO Sherry


  1. So very true. I hit the pit years ago when both of our older girls moved away. I think I've shared that part of my life with you. My husband just experienced it for the first time ever this last year after walking through this valley with Beckham. He tried meds and had a horrid experience with side affects. I was in Dallas at the time and he thought he was losing his mind, poor guy. Thankfully he is feeling better now, but it took us months to even know why he was struggling so. I was so consumed with my own struggles to even see the signs. Once we pin pointed it we were able to work to help him find a way to deal with the symptoms and feel stronger and have a clear mind. There is hope if you reach out. The hard part is being able to do just that. I was believing the lie that I could handle the pain and pressure on my own and spent a couple of years so lonely and isolated because I was ashamed that as a
    Christian I couldn't get out of that pit. I loved Sheila's book and Beth Moore's as well. Both were eye opening for me and helped me find my way back to happiness and living a full life again.

    1. O sweet Ginger, I am so sorry for ALL your family has gone through. Thankful that your husband is better now. It IS a slippery slope as you know, I would continue to be in tune to his "symptoms" as well as your own. When caught quickly it is easier to climb up out of the pit. I pray for your sweet family often, trusting GOD for all that is current and what lies ahead in your hearts and lives. Much love to you!! XO <3