Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Missing the Ones You Love...

Aren't these the most beautiful faces!?
This is my son and his two precious angels. Right now he is missing these girls terribly and I am sure they are missing their daddy!
My son is a US Marine currently serving in Afghanistan. He was only home 24 days between deployments a few months ago when this photo was taken.
If we knew exactly when he will be home we would be counting down the days, but we never really know. We do know that when he returns safe and sound back to the good ole USA we are ALL going to be VERY happy!!!

I really do not have a "point" to this post today...I have thought of many ways I can take this and add a little spiritual lesson, but in the end....I have decided to keep it sweet and simple.

However, I cannot end without asking for prayer for him and his girls....pray that he makes it home safe and sound. That we will ALL be together again very soon!

Lots of Love!!


  1. My heart strings are always pulled at when I think of a mom's heart as her child is gone to serve. Your son is a man to be admired and honored!

    Blessings to him and his little girls! How hard to be apart, but hoping the time goes quickly and you will all be together again.

    Such a beautiful photo. One to cherish for sure!

    Praying for all of you!

  2. Sherry I am not by nature a nurturer...I don't think I can even spell it. I think that knowing you has allowed some of your "soft touch" to rub off on me. My kid's really appreciate that! thanks- Deder