Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Empty Nest

I thought I would share something I recently wrote to my cousin, one of my dearest life long friends. She and I are only a couple of months apart in age and we have shared life all these this day we have the sweetest, most treasured friendship...truly a sweet blessing!

Last Friday her sweet daughter got married, the second of her three children. As I was writing a card to her the words began to flow from my pen. Having experienced the complete emptying of the nest, I felt I had some thoughts to share with her.

"Your sweet, cozy nest is emptying little chick-a-dee at a time they are flying off into this great big world. Building nests of their own, one stick, one feather at a time.

It is going to take some time to create a nest as cozy as the one they left.
In fact their nest will never be just like the one they spent their lives being nurtured in.
Theirs will be a reflection of who they are, who they have become. They are building their nest with their own unique materials; those things that appeal to them and their little love bird. Those things that are readily accessible to them.

It is a process, it is going to take the little love birds some time to create a nest that will one day hold and nurture their own little baby chicks.

It was time for your baby birdy to get up and leave the coziness she had grown up with, that she was accustomed to. Her wings were itching to be stretched, when she stood up she was bumping into Mama and Papa Bird.
Tis the cycle of life.....

Sometimes painful and emotional; but all part of the plan God created when He made us.
He has a plan - He is Almighty, Omnipotent and Sovereign in all His ways.

So, Mama bird...Nurturer of souls, lover of your baby birds, the one who has labored faithfully to build your nest - the one your precious chick-a-dee's enjoyed and appreciated...
Know that you have done what God created you to do, and you have done it well. you have given your grown-up chicks all that they need...a strong foundation, in which to build the rest of their life upon.

You are amazing....the emptying nest is your newest adventure in life, your newest season....ENJOY IT!!!!!

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  1. So sweet Aunt Sherry! Though I am far from an empty nest, it does help me to appreciate the nest I'm building for my little family...and I sure do love my little birds!