Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Will You Pray For My Boy??

He will be leaving in a few short days back to Afghanistan to serve our country.
This is not his first deployment, but they sure do not get any easier.

This is him in the photo, holding his littlest daughter, one of the lights of his life. He has another precious angel and a wife that he adores as well. This is very tough on a little family!!!
(I might add it is pretty tough on the ole mom & dad too!)

BUT.....most importantly I am certain it is VERY hard for him to be away from everyone who loves and adores him. To be so far from the hugs and smiles that brighten his life.
To be away from every comfort of home and thrust into a foreign country where life is not only not comfortable but the eminent danger weighs heavily on a regular basis.

He knows his family who thinks the world of him will be praying faithfully, but there is a power in prayer and I would love for him to be covered in a blanket of prayer.

I appreciate your faithfulness and I hope that when you think of the war that still wages on in the middle East, you will remember ALL of the families that are so deeply affected on a daily basis. To fully grasp the sacrifices they make is impossible. The least we can do is hold them up in prayer.

Thank you!
Lots of love and blessings to you!


  1. We will definately be keeping James, his little angels, and your entire family in our prayers! May the lord be with him and keep him safe :)
    Love you!!!

  2. We've got your back!!! May God's grace cover him, his family, and fellow soldiers wherever they go in this life. We pray God gives them the land wherever they set their feet, that there would be real peace there. May angels speed on ahead of them and cover them with their wings in the night. Love, love, love you!!!!!! We won't forget!!!

  3. Just stumbled upon your site and saw your son. I have one serving presently in Afg. He has 10 weeks left. He has a 1 week old son and very new wife waiting on his return. Will pray for your soldier boy as well! Blessings.