Monday, July 14, 2014


Here I am doing what I do best.
 The dance of avoidance!
It is not because I do not like what I need to be doing, or that I do not have PLENTY to do!
 That certainly  is NOT the case!
 Yet sometimes I simply find myself unable to focus on the task at hand with a torrent of other things running through my mind.

I am always drawn to post here because, even though I do not have a large following, the ones I do have are so sweet to let me know they are encouraged and inspired. Which happens to be my main goal in life.... to encourage and inspire others!

So now that I am here, what is the one thing I would like to tell you on this sweltering hot California day?  That's easy....I definitely want you to know that......


God made you just as you are and He longs for you to rejoice and celebrate who you are!!!!

If you can just soak that in and feel it to the depth of your being you will be moved to a whole new level of confidence in Christ! A whole new level of validation and peace about who you are, who He created you to be. That is the most important thing! To have a strong, deep rooted faith and confidence in Christ!

Read Psalms 139 and insert your name...He made YOU wonderfully, beautifully, with a plan and a purpose. He loves you, treasures you...adores you and He says...........


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