Saturday, March 27, 2010


I finally did it....I finally created my very own blog!

Honestly I have struggled with the decision to do this for some time now. I have a heart that longs to share and to be used by God...yet the idea of being so transparent and so visible is a bit frightening.

It is my heart's desire to share that which I know, what I have learned and experienced, with others so that their hearts would be lifted and they would know the amazing love of God!!!

My main goal in life is to be a tool for God. To live in a way that is pleasing to Him, to do that which He has called me to do and to BE who He has called me to BE. I am constantly inpired with these thoughts and how I would like to present them to others (especially women) so that I can effectively communicate the amazing LOVE of Christ.

His love is unconditional. Perfect in every way!!! There is nothing you can do to earn it or even to lose it! He loves you and cherishes every fiber of your being. He created you (read Psalm 139) JUST AS YOU ARE...perfectly, wonderfully, beautifully....He mixed together the specific talents, gifts and abilities within you to create the you that YOU are and that God intended you to be.

It is mind-boggling really, to think that He mixed together the perfect recipe of "YOU".
In fact I doubt most of us can really, truly wrap our brains around that.
I would like you to do just that....try to wrap your mind around who you are, what makes you YOU, what ingredients are within you that makes you so unique....Read Psalm 139 and ponder this.....

I am looking forward to this journey and where it takes us as we travel this road of life together!
Love & Blessings!

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