Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Photo Time.....

This pretty much sums up our family!!!
We have so many WONDERFUL photos to choose from, but this one is so priceless and so "US". I have no idea what my son is saying/doing....but we obviously think it is pretty funny! :)

Last week was

Since our son had just arrived home from Afghanistan we decided we would do a little "staycation", a time where everyone could gather at home, play, swim, hang out, visit, catch up, watch old home movies.....
We also took several day trips ending with a day in Disneyland where we had to say our good-byes. James' little angels were so sad, they did not want to say good-bye to us! Melted my heart!! (I, of course, did not want to say good bye either!) As we were driving off it occurred to me, ahhhhh this time it is NOT for several MONTHS! :)

I am so thankful for my family, for the relationships we all share. We are like all families, we have had our share of troubled times and rough patches along life's highway....but always we are each other's safe place, the ones we can talk to, lean on, depend on. We care deeply for one another and we LOVE having time TOGETHER!!!!

My three kiddos have brought SEVEN little angels into my heart and life. I cannot imagine life without these precious ones! They are amazing...precious and beautiful inside and out.

On our way home last nite (can you even believe that we were stuck in major gridlock at 11pm-2:30 am)!?!?!? Jim and I were talking about our blessings and how we LOVE this grandparenting gig! When our kiddos were little we were busy providing for them, disciplining them, learning about life and figuring things out. But NOW, we are in a whole different season where we KNOW that the time will be short (they will grow up way too fast), that we can ENJOY them (I love telling them that they have to ask the parents! snicker, snicker...). I have also realized that our influence is valuable and one else has this place of influence that we do....I take that very seriously. I want to show them how loved and treasured they are, and when need be I want to be able to offer advice or HELP to the parents cos I know what a tough job it is to raise children.

Tomorrow is back to work, back to the grind of every day life. But I feel refreshed and restored and I have many precious memories alive in my heart that I share with some of the most amzing people on this planet!!!!

Love & Blessings to you and yours!


  1. Sherry, your writing feels like a warm hug on a cold, damp, scary day. Your profile is written BEAUTIFULLY! I am so impressed!!! Your blog has a calmness, true acceptance, tranquility, effervesance, gracefully knitted together with loooooove. It really comes through. It sounds so much like the real you. Keep it comin'!!!

  2. I LOVE this picture. We took that picture towards the end of the photoshoot haha and I believe James's comment was "I need a drink" hahaha I love your family!!!