Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This Weekend I.....

Keys to the Cottage

* Got up at 3am drove down to Camp Pendleton where we experienced the most amazing 4th of July EVER! It began with "colors" (as they raise the flag everyone stops to show respect)...soon a big white bus came around the corner filled with dearly missed US Marines!!! Welcome homes surrounded us and we welcomed our own Son home from Afghanistan!!!!!!

* Witnessed the "meeting face to face" of my son and his sweetheart....priceless!

* Met two precious angels that I have a feeling will be a BIG part of our hearts and lives.

* Spent the entire day with our daughter and her two boys, who never cease to amaze us and fill our hearts!

* Laughed and smiled with the people I love.

* Enjoyed nice long chats and a little nap on the long drive home from San Diego.

* Watched fireworks going off all over our neighborhood...thanks neighbors for allowing this tired couple a free show! :)

* Worked on a couple of my "journals" that I need to finish asap!
(journals that I have been commissioned to make)

* Took my husband to one of my favorite little eateries that he had never been to.

* Discovered that my pharmacy would be closed from Friday thru Tuesday which sent me into a medication withdrawal that has NOT been fun!!!

* My awesome husband installed "misters" on our patio, while I finished painting my crazy coffee table. I should post photos...too bad I did not take "before shots" tho. It WAS an old, FREE, hunter green painted coffee table with a lovely little golf set painted on the top surface. It is NOW a fun reddish, antiqued, table with a leopard painted top. FUN!

* Swam around the pool staring into the brown eyes of my one year old grandson as he chilled on the raft.

All in all I have to say...........this was one of the most memorable weekends in my life! The most memorable way I am sure I will ever spend a 4th of July!!!
I have enjoyed the days OFF....we all need to catch a break and ENJOY our lives. (a lesson I am working on, or is God working on me on, or ??? well, whatever it is definitely happening!)


  1. Great recap and so thrilled that you have your son back!!!!

  2. Ditto to Ginger! Although the rest of the weekend sounded fantastic, there is something about having him home & being able to celebrate such an important weekend with him Just that much more special! Oh, and PLEASE post pics of the coffee table!