Sunday, February 6, 2011

What is YOUR DREAM???

DREAM: desire, wish, goal, hope, prospect, expectation, aspiration...
What is that something YOU wish for?
That thing that has been buried deep in your heart for as long as you can remember?
That illusive aspiration that you entertain in your mind only to tuck back into your heart thinking it is something that shall remain only as a dream.....
not really ever achieving it,
realizing it.
It just feels too illusive, impossible even.
But it burns within you,
it is the thing that remains in you
no matter how many birthdays pass
or how many New Year's pass
when you "resolve" to FINALLY realize this DREAM!
What is it that one thing for you?
What is holding you back?
What are those things that you tell yourself that stops you dead in your tracks?
Are they legitimate or just excuses?
Do you know?
I have been pondering my dreams this week.
It has actually been a VERY busy week in my life,
but the question
has pulsed in my heart and mind as the days have gone by.
There is the one dream that I knew of for certain the minute I was given the challenge
to think about my dream (in the Soul Restoration Course I have been taking).
It is the goal to WRITE A BOOK.
I have had this dream for some time now.
In fact it has been almost 14 years now
since I began the outline and felt the Divine inspiration
for what I feel is the content of this book
about overcoming life's issues and becoming the woman God intends us to be.
It has been on my heart all along.
BUT I have failed to execute the plan,
to make my dream come to fruition.
Oh, I have not sat on my hands the entire time.
Once the outline was clear to me
(after an 18 mile walk on my 39th birthday)
I proceeded to take a 2 year writing course.
It was helpful, but in and of itself the dream was still un-achieved.
I have researched, listened, prayed, pondered and DREAMT all this time.
What am I going to do now?
This I know.
If I do not have a plan I will go no further with this dream.
For if we fail to plan our plans will fail.
You see, once we have made up our mind to pursue our dream
we have to literally create a "plan of attack"
Look at the dream and begin to decipher what you need to do to
Figure out what you need to do to make it a TOP PRIORITY
Remind yourself that God has created you for a plan and a purpose
it is up to YOU to make it happen,
to pursue it and put legs to the dream.
I want to encourage you today..........
Think about that thing that has been burning inside of your heart.
Pray about how you can go about realizing this dream.
Put together a plan of attack.
THEN go forth as God would have you to,
to BE all that HE has created you to be!!!
I would love to hear about YOUR DREAM
and how you feel you can best begin to realize it.
What steps are you going to take to "make it happen"?
maybe you have already made it happen....HOW DID YOU DO IT!?
If you have any tips for me.......
What I should/could do to pursue my dream of writing this book that burns within me
I would love to hear them.
Here's to DREAMS and BEING all that GOD wants us to be!!!
Love & Blessings!

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