Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hurting Hearts and the Love of our Faithful Father.....

Good Evening all of you lovelies......

My heart is heavy thinking of so many precious people who are struggling deeply. There are so many aches and pains in living this life on earth. We are going to feel these effects of an imperfect world more and more every single day until the day we get to heaven.
It is inevitable. Our reward is coming.
YET, the pain that you are feeling RIGHT NOW is real and it hurts deeply.
I know.

No matter how desperate you feel,
how deep your heart has been cut,
how depressed you have been,
no matter how grim the future looks,
how scared you feel right now,
how impossible the situation feels at this moment,
how confused you are, how lonely you have been feeling,
no matter how crazed you are feeling......
ALL of those things are oh so real...........
But I want you to remember that SO IS OUR GOD!!!!!

He has your back!
He is bending over to pick you up.
He is wiping the tears from your eyes.
He is smoothing out the way before you.
He is opening doors where others have slammed in your face.
He is clearing a path where the one you are on has become over grown with weeds.
He is the sunshine that will brighten your days.
He is the peace that will surround you,
the smile that is in your heart.
He is the author of all good things, and He is writing your story.

He created you perfectly, wonderfully, beautifully, with a plan and a purpose. (Psalm 139)
He has not forgotten.
Check YOUR OWN decisions and choices to see if YOU are the one in the way of the blessings.
If not, then it is just not time YET!
They shall come.
He ALWAYS provides.
Granted, it is not always in the way we had hoped or asked for.
Believe it or not, to get everything the way we want it is not always the best for us.
Just think of how parents are with their kiddos. Children are always asking for something....and parents don't always say yes, because they know what is best for them. Maybe they want more sugar and the parent knows how destructive it can be. Or maybe they want to do something dangerous, the parent is only looking out for their safety.
Sometimes there is no apparent reason when God tells us no, but just as our children trust us, we must trust GOD with the answer He is giving us.
Trust and Obey.

One of the first scriptures I memorized when I was saved at the age of 24 was Proverbs 3:5-7
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge HIM in ALL your ways and He will direct your paths."
Not many days go by that I do not think of this scripture and KNOW that it is my favorite, my "life verse" for a reason...because GOD knows where I am weak (trusting HIM/letting go of control and trying to figure things out.

God knows your weaknesses too.
He knows what you need and when you need it.
He knows your hearts desire, because HE PUT IT THERE!!!!

I want to encourage you...whatever you are facing, I can list the NUMEROUS things I know of at this moment:
loss of job
no home of your own
desperate to become a mommy
starting a new life
confused about love
severe health issues that are looming over you
a medical scare
financial struggles
marital trouble
starting over
raising children and all the struggles that comes with that
exhausted and overwhelmed
someone you love is incarcerated
someone you love is distant and leaving you out
depression threatens to takes hold/or it has taken hold
you are in pain all day, every day
your work situation is miserable
your car is broken down, again!
you are grieving
you are scared
you are desperate
you are struggling with addiction
you cannot seem to keep up
you are overwhelmed
you feel isolated and alone
you feel like you do not have a purpose

I kid you not, I had someone particular in mind with each one of those issues I wrote!!! Some people I realized fell into more than one category even.

These are desperate times.

Once again, I have the answer for you.........the only answer there is.

The answer is GOD!!!!
Allow HIM to permeate your very being and to be your all in all. Once you begin lining your life up with HIM and HIS WORD, you will begin to feel a peace that passes all understanding. Knowing it is NOT up to you, but up to Him, should allow you to relax!

Something I say to myself often is: LET GO AND LET GOD!!!!!!
Whatever it is you are going through....I pray you will find the strength to give it to the omnipotent God and leave it with HIM!

If you would like me to pray for you, I would be honored.
Know that as I wrote this I was doing that very thing, praying for all these needs and knowing full well that there are so many more that I have not touched on. GOD KNOWS! When I pray, He fills in the gap.

May you feel that love and peace today.
God Bless You!!!

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