Saturday, July 23, 2011

Missing My Dad......

Ever miss someone so bad it hurts?
Oh, I am sure you have, most of us have.
Well, today is one of those days for me.

Today would have been my Dads 73rd birthday....he died when he was only 49 years old, I was only 29! Oh how I miss him today and have throughout the years!

I often think how awesome it would be to have him here to share life with.
He loved life & He loved his family!!!!
He would have loved the people in my life today. My children, of course, and now my grand-angels!! My kids remember him as a wonderful Papa and now he would be the greatest GREAT Papa!!!

Oh I know he is safe and happy in heaven, and I am thankful for that. BUT, I can't help but miss him like crazy on days like this!!!!

I often find myself telling some random, usually silly story and then proclaiming that my dad told me that!
I am carrying on his legacy.

Of course this all makes me wonder and ponder the legacy I AM LEAVING!!!

It is my hope and prayer that I leave a legacy of love and that my loved ones remember me as fondly as I remember my Dad!!!!!!

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