Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Maybe it is his Marine training, or just being a man, I am not sure....but my son has reminded me a time or two to.....BE AWARE OF MY SURROUNDINGS!

I have taken his advice to heart and I do my best to take good care to stay safe and be alert as I go about my day, in public places, and even when I am home. I understand the need to watch what is happening around me, to be on watchful alert at all times.

These days it is esp important to be reminded of this because we have our high tech phones that we can easily get our noses stuck in even as we are walking to our cars in parking lots, etc.
There are so many safety rules/lessons, that we need to be sure we are applying on a daily minute by minute basis.

This is also true in the spiritual realm.

There is an invisible yet VERY destructive enemy on the prowl every minute of every day following you around doing his best to knock you down and wipe you out completely.

This enemy is as sly as a slithering snake. He is waiting for you to have your guard down and he is ready to pounce on you. He does not do this in obvious ways like a home invasion.....although it will certainly feel like one once he has had his way with you.
No, he usually works on the sly and begins chipping away at your confidence, your peace, your very sanity.
He knows where you are vulnerable, he knows where to hit you.
Your family, your marriage, your kids, your job, your home, you name it...that thing that matters to you, he will be after it!!!

We are warned about this enemy in John 10:10
"The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy."

God knew we would need to be on alert. That we would need to keep our guard up.

If we keep on reading we will find the happy ending....
"I have come that they have life and that they may have it abundantly."

HE is our savior! Our hero! Our knight in shining armor!!!
He is here to save us from the attacks of the enemy!!

It is up to us to be aware, to constantly think about what we are thinking about. Check ourselves as to how we are reacting and responding to the stresses in life, or even how we are just plain ole reacting to the people in our lives. Watch where we are going, what we are seeing and listening to.

If we can remember that the enemy does not want us to be happy and peaceful and to have all that GOD has for us.....and remain watchful at all times, we can keep the devil out.
Put our armor on every day to be prepared in battle, because whether we want to accept it or not, this IS a battle!

Let me echo my sons warning to YOU dear ones....

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  1. Sherry, I think you wrote this just for my daughter. Life has handed her lots of crap lately and I just told her the enemy is out to get her. You can rest assured that I will be passing this along to her and hope and pray it will remind her of where her strength comes from.

    I love you my friend. You are a God-send more often than you even realize!

    Thanks also for the sweet comment to my photographer daughter. How very kind your words were.

    Oh what a day it will be when we finally meet :D