Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You've Had It In You All Along......

It has always been in me.

This morning on my walk, which is the time when I really get to clear my head and pray....
I was thinking about my new job and how far I have come in the mere 2 weeks I have been there.
To be perfectly honest I have been EXTREMELY overwhelmed!!!!
I have not worked in the "clerical" field in MANY years! We have had a couple of businesses and I was the church secretary for 5 years. You have to understand though, this was back in 1988-1993. We were still doing the ole "copy and paste" in the physical way...you know, print it off, tape it on....try to make sure your tape lines do not show up on the copy! We had an apple computer, that is without internet or anything more than the bookkeeping program and the word program. The rate of techno progress is astonishing and I was definitely feeling like I was lagging behind in the learning process.
So as I began this new pursuit I felt like I might never catch on, I might fail miserably!!!
It was a very sad & scary feeling!

BUT...........I am doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM!!!!

Just like the message in the great movie "Wizard of Oz....."It's always been in me!"

I can learn anything, if I just TRY. I can become whatever I want to, if I just tap into what is IN me! What God has given me.

I am pretty sure YOU can too!!
Whatever it is you are facing, whatever you think you cannot do, I bet you CAN!!!!!!
I want you to look deep inside yourself and find that passion, that strength, that gumption to do whatever it is you want to do!!!!!

I am not saying I know it all now, or that I can do it ALL.
(Lord knows I still have a LOT to learn!!!!).....
BUT, just like you, I now know I can find my way!

It has been there all along.

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  1. i love love love this :)
    Love you :)