Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh soooo long!!!!

I sure did not mean for so much time to pass before posting!!! I always think of plenty to write about but struggle to find the time to actually DO it!

I am toying with the idea of a website (actually a dear friend is thinking of putting one together for me!). I certainly must get better at keeping up if I plan on doing that!

It is my desire to write posts on a regular basis that might be of an encouragement to those who happen to read my blog. I long to encourage others...YOU...on this journey of life. Part of my personal "mission statement" says that "I want to share that which I know to help others and encourage them" I only "know" what I know because I have traveled this path long enough to have learned many a lesson and I have gone through my own troubles and trials just like you. In each of these I grew a little bit and though I have far from "arrived" at a place of full growth and wisdom (I am not sure I will ever fully "arrive" until I arrive in heaven!) I use those lessons to GrOw from. (that is my fancy way of combining GO and GROW....which I feel is exactly what life is about...going and growing forward.

I love to share. I bet if my parents were alive they would say that I shared well when I was little. It seems like every time I know something I want desperately to share it with any and everyone who might be able to benefit from the same knowledge. I want to do what I can to spare others from having to learn "it" the hard way.
"IT" being anything from hard learned lessons in life about self-esteem, overcoming issues from childhood all the way to the much simpler things like recipes.....
All of it mixed with the Word of God, the measuring device for all things good in life. my desire to be an encouragement I shall try to be better at posting more often.

Let me leave you with a little encouragement right now..........

So many I know are going through a difficult time, a trying time. It is not easy to keep the faith let alone be strong in that faith. I want you to know and to remember that you are NOT ALONE! You are NEVER alone! God has not and never will leave you nor forsake you. He loves you more than you might ever comprehend. It is a love that is hard to comprehend in this world because it has no strings attached, no conditions, no is PURE LOVE!
You deserve every ounce of that pure love!!
KNOW that you are deserving of every good gift and that He will give you just what you need when you need it. Life is certainly not without troubles and trials, you know that very well. BUT, do not lose not grow weary. He is with you and He cares!!!!! He really, really does.

So do I so if I can pray for you or encourage you in any way, let me know!

Love & Blessings!
XO Sherry

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  1. It's nice to see you back again, I've missed reading your posts. Looking forward to the web site when you have that worked out. In case you're wondering - you ALWAYs encourage me, more than you will probably ever know. Thank you. Send me a note when you can - miss you ... Susan