Wednesday, November 2, 2011

God is ALWAYS on Time!!!!

I had the most awesome experience of God's PERFECT timing this morning.

It brings MANY different situations all into play to create the perfect timings.

You see in a land far away it was actually ALMOST November 3rd as I sat down at my computer. November 3rd is my sons birthday. Since I wanted to wish him a happy birthday as soon as I could, and since he is on the "night shift" in Afghanistan I thought I better get on here and send him a message before I left for work this morning.

SO I did.......... a sweet little birthday email to my amazing son!

Then I proceeded to get ready for my day.

I was about to leave for work when I decided to check my email one more time (just in case I heard back from him).
Lo and behold there was a message from him, a very sweet message that made this momma cry (dang now I have to go fix my make up!!!).

He said that as he was reading the message I sent this morning a Marine walked in with the two packages I had sent him for his birthday. How do you like that for timing!!!!

Now I have to interject the story of those packages.

I was trying my darnedest to get those packages out last week on Monday I think it was.......I hit several obstacles ending with it being 4:50 pm, Post Office is about to close and I just CANNOT make it work! SO I had to wait til the next day. ugh!!!! I was sooo frustrated! I came home and my sweet husband helped me get the packages to work (I was having trouble getting my little birthday balloon to fit and the sign to fly out with it (cos it was attached) and the funfetti cookies were not fitting and ...well you get the idea..........

Apparently the timing was not right.......and needed that extra day!
Go figure!
Because in the end the packages got there at the PERFECT time!!!!!

I tell this story for a couple of reasons. First because I wanted to show the power of God to touch hearts so many miles apart through this fabulous world of technology we have today.
I am so grateful!!
AND because I know so many lovely people out there right now who are struggling to understand Gods timing, His divine wisdom and power to make it all work out for their good. Oh they know it and they are trying to believe it with their whole hearts BUT when life continues to seemingly go awry and all that they want and hope for and dream of is so illusive it becomes quite hard to hold on.

My getting frustrated and dealing with the issues of getting those packages off in the mail is far less than the issues they are facing.
I know that.
BUT I believe in the picture stories we are given in life to help us SEE. God used these parables all the time cos he knew that is how we would grasp and comprehend the lessons we must learn and the promises that they hold.

I want to encourage you to hold on!!
God DOES have a perfect timing!
Underneath the surface is a perfect plan working it's way out.

Have you ever heard the illustration that Corrie ten Boom used? She said life is like a tapestry. The side that you are seeing as you are stitching along is the underneath, it is tangled with threads going this way and that. It doesn't look like it makes any sense at all. In fact it looks quite jumbled up and messy. BUT, turn it over and take a look at the finished product. Those colorful pieces have been used to create the different parts of the picture to create the beautiful masterpiece.
Such is out lives. Some times they seem to be so messy and jumbled up. Sure doesn't seem to make a lick of sense or look pretty at all. BUT just you wait, one day the finished product shall be revealed to us and we will then behold the beauty behind every single difficulty. We may not see it all on this side of heaven.
This is where the TRUST and BELIEF comes in. Trust that He loves you and is there for you, He will NOT leave you nor forsake you. BELIEVE that He is sovereign and IS working ALL things together for the good to those who love Him!!!!

I pray that today you will see the beauty in God's perfect timing and you will remember that even those annoying frustrations in life can be a part of a better timing, a part of the bigger picture!

Hold on dear one.............HOLD ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Such a touchy blog my friend. You had me getting excited wanting to help you get your stuff mailed.. But how cool to know that God had it already in His plan to get it there for you and on time!
    Happy Birthday to your wonderful Marine Son who is serving our Great country,
    and who is our friend! We pray for him and his wife daily!!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It really spoke to me in more ways than you'll know! Love you friend Thanks for your encouraging words that you write daily!

  2. God's timing is indeed amazing. Lately I am reminded time and time again. My son is finally beginning to see God's work as well, for that I am beyond grateful. Happy Birthday to your marine, send me a note when you can - Susan

  3. By the way my friend - check out I'm writing again. I tried to use the wordpress profile below but it wouldn't work. - Susan