Friday, November 11, 2011

The Power Of One.....

Today is 11-11-11...the most ones you can possibly have in a date. I do not know the statistics but I am pretty sure this will not happen again in our lifetimes!
Seems like all year long I have found myself noticing the clock every time it was 1:11 or 11:11. It has been a bit odd to me. I have often wondered what the significance is. Still do.
What I do know is what God impressed upon my heart this very morning as I was on my dark and early morning walk.
He was reminding me something He had shown me YEARS ago. In a dark and difficult time I happened to be at a women's retreat in the mountains. We were sitting in this incredible A-frame chapel that had windows up at the very top. I was transfixed with the view out those windows, seeing the tops of the gorgeous tall trees reaching the sky. I felt alone. Small. Insignificant. Useless. Meaningless. I was lost.
He, ever so gently brought to me the scripture about leaving the ninety and nine to find the ONE.
I could literally SEE it as I was staring out those windows.
Have you ever read that scripture???.....the shepherd is out with the flock in the field and ONE little lamb comes up missing. That shepherd leaves the 99 sheep that are there and accounted for to find the ONE that is missing.
(Matthew 18:11-14)

 That ONE was ME!!!
God was reassuring me that He wanted ME to be found and accounted for.


I will never forget that!

Today I want to send that message to YOU!
You may be just one, but YOU ARE ONE!!!!!
One is significant.
One is powerful.
One is enough.

Back to today, on my walk, God was reassuring me that if I were the ONLY ONE on this earth He would have STILL sent His ONE and ONLY son to this earth to die....for ME!!!!
Okay, if you are anything like me this is soooooooooooo hard to comprehend!!!
 Really?!?! ME!??!?!?

JUST ME!?!?!?!?!?!?

He says YES!!!!!!


God loves you and YOU are ONE and you are ENOUGH!!!!!!

Try to remember that.........try to write that upon your heart and forever keep the image that you are that ONE sheep that He left the fold to find. It was YOU and He found you!!!!

And forever He shall keep you!!!!!!

Let ONE be a significant number to you today as it represents YOU!!
For you are ONE...ONE very important one!!!!!

Love & Blessings to you!
Yup .......

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