Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We all need it.
It comes in many forms.

Some days it is the very thing that gets us from the couch to upright again.

Some days we feel as if everyone has nothing but negative to say,
then we hear that positive voice
and we begin to see the first glimpse of light
shining into the darkness of our soul.

Without encouragement we feel dead, dry, lifeless.
Like a plant that has been ignored, un-watered, without sunshine,
without loving care.

Then we begin to receive a little love,
some light from those people who allow their lights to shine.
A smile from a stranger.
A hug from a friend.
A note of encouragement.
A text message from someone who just wanted to tell you they love you.

I wonder.........what are YOU doing today to be that ray of sunshine?
What are you doing to bring some other soul a glimpse of hope?

Today may be your day of giving
for one day you will certainly need to be receiving.
Such is the cycle of life.

Go today

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  1. You encourage me with every email and post that you write. Thank you once again for your words my friend. - Susan