Sunday, April 4, 2010


What more could we possibly ask for?
What more could we possibly want?
There really is no better news in our lives than this three word phrase.

I am thankful that our Father in Heaven loved us, each and every one of us, so much that He would sacrifice His ONE and ONLY Son!!!
That we should have life.

Honestly I cannot wrap my mind around this thought.
I have a son. He is my one and only son.
To be honest with you I cannot imagine "giving him up for the sins of the world."

My heart is humbled, my eyes are open a little more each day, to the ultimate sacrifice, the price He paid for ME!

It is a whole different story when you make it personal and KNOW deep in your heart that if you were the only person alive on this earth, He still would have done that. He still would have given His one and only Son, for YOU...just YOU!!!!!!


I ask myself....Am I living like someone who has been given the greatest gift? Am I honoring my Lord with my life? After all, someone had to die that I might live.


I need to live my life to make up for that. I need to live in a way that makes that ultimate sacrifice worth something!!!

O Lord I pray I am doing just that....I doubt I ever will live up to my full potential, because I am a flawed human being. I try. I will continue to try for the rest of my life to live the life that you saw fit to sacrifice so much for. I pray my life will be a living testament to YOU!!!

I pray you will join me in living our best lives, doing our best for HIM! I am humbled to think I can ever come close to being enough...but He tells me I am.
I want to tell you that YOU ARE!


Live in that renewed awareness on this most awesome Easter Sunday.
Enjoy your blessings, enjoy your day.


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