Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family FUN!

I love AUTUMN!!
I love the fall colors, the cooler weather (although today was in the 90's here in sunny California!)
I love the sights of pumpkins and fall leaves and ....
all the fun things about it!
Sooo what fun I had this evening when we joined our oldest daughter and her family doing something I have never done before.....going through a corn maze.
We had a blast!
We laughed, we trekked along, we chased the little guy who kept trying to find his own way in the maze.
It was so much fun!
After we made our way through the maze and everyone was plenty dirty and tired of the game of it, we ventured on over to the pumpkin patch.
My silly little 1 1/2 year old grandson, Alyxander (we call him Xander) thought he was in heaven....he thought it was a field of orange balls and he loves balls!!!
He found one perfect little pumpkin, picked it up and proceeded to throw it! He thought it was pretty funny and repeated the game over and over........he had us all laughing so hard.
Family fun is the best diversion, the greatest way to really realize and remember what life is all about! Tonite I am thanking GOD for His amazing blessings in my life and for the fun diversion of a little corn maze and a pumpkin patch!
I hope you are enjoying FALL wherever you live.
Tell me what YOUR favorite thing about autumn is........


  1. Not sure I've ever done a corn maze either. I loved your photos and wondered if the pumpkins were brought to that place and just set in piles or is there really a patch there? It just looks far different than what I see here in Michigan.

    The best part of fall for me are the amazing colors. I hope to get my camera out today.

  2. Awww.. i love your little grandangels :)

    My Favorite thing about autumn.... Thanksgiving :) Cause i love me some mashed potatoes and stuffing! haha

  3. Well Ginger...You are right, in fact I think most of the pumpkin patches I have been to here in California are the kinds that they bring the pumpkins too. I would LOVE to see YOUR pumpkin patches!!! I love your neck of the woods! :)
    I LOVE the colors too....ahhhhh!

    Thanks Abbi! You are so sweet!
    You definitely got a good dose of our angels back in July when you took our photos! :)
    Are you making the potatoes and stuffing or do you all still go to your Grans??

    Love you both and thank you for reading my blog!