Tuesday, November 9, 2010

God's Awesome Creation

There is just something about being in nature, in the prime of God's great creation that makes me feel so close to Him, so blessed and so grateful!!
I went to a Women's Retreat with my life long friend (my sweet cousin) at Mt Hermon. It was such a blissful weekend. I had never been there before and now I want to be sure and go there again some time soon!
The conference center is situated amidst the redwoods, and beautiful trees that are sportin' their fabulous fall colors. There was a creek running through whose sound was soothing to the soul.
We ventured out on a few walks around the area and just took in the serenity and brilliance that surrounded us. There was a different view from each spot we were in.
I am so thankful for the many different "scenes" God has created. From the mountains with the towering trees, to the ocean and it's refreshing breezes. They are all fabulous to me. Each one a reminder of God's brilliance, His power and majesty. He created every bit of it and every scene is a gift for us, all we have to do is open our eyes to see it.
We spent many years living in the "desert" where there is not much beauty to behold, besides oil pumping units, sand, and tumbleweeds. We lived in an area where I could venture out on my daily walks on a back road. It was an uphill walk towards a cluster of pumping units. There was really not much to behold, just lots of empty land, besides the random tumbleweeds. I remember one day when I got home my husband had asked me how my walk went and I said......"Oh the view was beautiful today!" He looked at me with a puzzled expression and said "what view?" To which I explained that when I reached the summit the view was awesome, with the sun setting...the colors were glorious, it was just gorgeous. His reply was "Only you would say THAT was a beautiful view!!".
I have come to learn that it is all in how we CHOOSE to SEE! There is always a view to behold, a scene unfolding before us, whether it is bright and brilliant or a little ordinary and simple. If we are looking for the best we will find it.
I pray that you will SEE with new eyes today, whatever YOUR view is, I hope you find the beauty in it. Take a minute and look for it.
I would love to hear about YOUR view!
Love & Blessings!


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