Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tis the Season!!

I sure do not mean to advocate the busyness of the season, yet here I am admitting to the way it has sucked me in and caused me to be so immersed that I have barely had time to breathe, let alone write a blog post!

It all began back in November.
A week prior to Thanksgiving we (@my job) began the flurry of Christmas decorating for our customers. We were consumed with juggling the Christmas decorating with the customers who still needed/wanted things accomplished in their homes. It kept us hopping for sure.
In the midst of this time I was also buried with several projects I was commissioned to create.
On top of it all my son and his girls came "home" for a few weeks!!! What a sweet blessing that was!

In fact this was the first time in a while that we were able to have our entire family together for the holiday of thankfulness!!! The image of all of us standing in a circle holding hands saying a prayer and sharing what each of us is thankful for still resonates in my mind and in my heart. THOSE are the precious memories we live for.

We made lots of sweet memories while the family was here. When our son comes home our oldest daughter does her best to be here with her kiddos as much as possible so the kids can all be together. The busy days always ended with all four of the little ones together in Mimi's big bathtub......then they all snuggled together in our living room ,slumber party style, for the last two or three books/stories and finally nodding off for a good nights rest.
It melts my heart that they are making such sweet bonds and memories.

We are thankful that we get to be together again for Christmas, but it won't be ON Christmas. You many families do, we have to go around many things; work schedules, & which weekend the kiddos are with which parent, plans with the other families, etc.
Soooooo....I decided long ago that whenever we can make it happen, whenever we CAN be together THAT would be Christmas (or whichever holiday it happens to be). So, this year we will actually be celebrating Christmas on New Year's Day!
We can choose to be all sullen and fussy about these kinds of things or we can make the best of the situations, knowing full well that what really matters is being together (at some point in time!)

I am actually still in the throes of helping others create Christmas in their homes in various ways. But soon....very soon....I can focus on what is left for ME to get done! Maybe it is a good thing we are not celebrating til New Years Day!!!

Are you ready for Christmas?
Are you thinking ahead of what you will do to make it memorable?
Are you keeping some traditions going? Making new ones??

I feel that traditions are the things that connect your family, that sweet memories are made of. It is a consistency that reminds you of the season and the meaning behind it.

One of the traditions that we have enjoyed for many years is one of the easiest ones you can adapt right now.
Once the holiday is over and you are taking down all of your cards, photos and newsletters you them all in a basket. Keep the basket close at hand and at each dinner time, pull a card out of the basket...look at it once again, read it, talk about your precious memories with those who sent it. THEN pray for the person/people who sent the card.
I usually leave the card on the table til the next day when we drew a new one.
It is a great way to read the card again (when there is not as much hustle bustle going on). Some times I would feel led to send them a quick note of love and encouragement in the mail, and let them know we had prayed for them.

My prayer for you and your family is a holiday of precious memories, of sweet love that surrounds you. I hope you enjoy whatever and whoever you are blessed to be with.


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  1. Would you come and decorate my house? I'm just so not gifted in that area and I'm sure the Lord brought you to me just for that reason, LOL

    Seriously, I'm so thrilled that you will have and have had everyone together for your holidays. We will be apart, but I'm thankful for Skype and the fact that at least we get to spend time with all three girls and their spouses even it it's not with everyone at the same time.

    Bad me, I didn't get a card out to you, but if you send me your address I'll send you one late just so you can pray for me. I learned this idea a couple of years ago through blogging and I love it. I have my new card holder (see my blog) and maybe I'll just leave it up to hold those Prayer Cards.

    Love ya girl and wish you the merriest of merry Christmases. Love and enjoy your family and most of all...give thanks for our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!