Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanking God....

Today is my "baby boys" birthday!
He really is not a baby, obviously...but he will always be my baby.
(this is him and his sisters when he was promoted to Staff Sergeant last year)

Our son arrived this day 26 years ago and was warmly welcomed by his mommy, daddy and two big sisters. I have told him all his life that he "completed our family".
He is an amazing man!!! He has served our country since the day he turned 18 years old as a US Marine.
He is an incredible daddy to two precious angels.
He is an awesome baby brother!
He is a most amazing son!

We don't get to celebrate his birthday much, not because he lives miles away in Arizona (because we are known to jump in our car and drive the 7-8 hours to see him and his precious ones in a heartbeat!), but because he has been "out of the country" in Iraq or Afghanistan or Japan or Okinawa or ...... on many of his birthdays!
But this year he is HOME!
He is celebrating with his angels today and next week he will be here with us and we will be able to celebrate HIM!!!!! I am so thankful for that.....for sharing precious moments with our family.

Today he wrote me the sweetest message....remembering some of the sweet times growing up and the things we did to celebrate each one of our kiddos.

So, in honor of my those of you young moms (and dads) I thought I would share a few things that we did as traditional birthday fun that created precious memories in the hearts of our children. It is my firm belief that if we take the time and make the effort to do these kinds of things for them, that they will grow up knowing full well their worth, the love we have for them, their value.... Creating a strong foundation upon LOVE.
That is something that they will have for the rest of their lives!!!!!

For each of our kiddos' birthdays (for as long as I can remember) I would sneak to their bedroom doorway the night before their special day and DECORATE IT. I would hang streamers, balloons, signs, whatever. When our son was a big football player in High school I even created a breakthrough the players run thru at the beginning of the game....he had to "break through" in the morning to get out of his room! He loved it!!!!!
He said he always loved waking up to his doorway being decorated!!!

Then when they came out for breakfast, there on the table would be their baby book for us to peruse during the day and reminisce, usually telling the story of the day they were born. The dining room would be decorated with more streamers and balloons. Of course they would get their favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner! THEIR CHOICE!

It does not take a lot to create these precious memories. It is in the little things...for one day you will realize that they were the big things!!!!

I miss decorating doors and dining rooms for birthdays, but now I am happy to share in the joy as we create new and wonderful memories.
It's a new season.

My point is this: enjoy the season of life you are in!
If you have little ones still at what you can, while you can, to celebrate them and make them feel special and wonderful!!!! Truly they will remember and treasure every precious moment, every effort you make!

Love & Blessings!


  1. Mommy you are so amazing. and so talented with your words, this right here gave me the chills! i love you

  2. I know we both feel beyond blessed to have raised our three kids. I have no doubt your son is one special man, look who his momma is! I hope his day was a day of blessing and feeling loved and cherished by all those who know the joy of having him in their lives.

    As for the birthday traditions, LOL, I did a few myself. The retelling of their births has driven them nuts. I'm sure someday if my girls become mommas themselves they will begin to appreciate the beauty in their birth stories.

    Oh dear friend, I so wish we could sit and chat face to face. You are one special lady and I love how the Lord brought us together.