Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finally..........Part THREE of Spring Cleaning Your Heart and Your Home....

Goodness, I am so sorry I have taken so long to get back on here to get to the good part of this message!!!

I took a fall and the effects of such a blunt force to my body with this fibromyalgia has taken a toll. My husband reminds me that maybe I should stop and let my body heal instead of continuing on as if nothing ever happened.

Hmmmm, what a thought! hA!!! ;)

Soooo.....onward to the message of Spring Cleaning!!!

You have gotten your household Spring Cleaning done, right!?

I decided to follow my own advice and finally dug in and got my own Master Closet done tonight! I have someone I want to give my goodies to and that pushed me to get it done.

I am contemplating taking a photo of the heaping pile I still have to deal with. ;)

Our HEARTS......

The process is much the same to Spring Clean our hearts.

We must first set aside the time.


Ah, but this time it is even more important that we have some time all to ourselves.

A little seclusion and quiet time is best.

Do what works for you.

For me, I LOVE to get away, somewhere in nature is my personal ideal.
However my favorite chair in the living room works fine too.

The whole point is to set aside the time and get still before the Lord.


We need to GATHER OUR TOOLS.....

For cleansing our heart the most important tool of all is the WORD of God!!

The Word of God is the thing we need to use to weigh everything up against.

"A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of."

Luke 6:45 NIV

The other tool I like to have is my journal.

That way I can jot down the thoughts that I have,
those things I feel like God is speaking to my heart as I seek Him.

Now it is time to PRAY.

Just like I stood at the door to my closet and prayed for God to lead me and direct me,

I will do the very same thing before I begin the process of digging deep into my heart.

I will pray for God to shine His light onto the dark places,

the nooks and crannies, the hidden, dark places where some things have been hiding.

Some things have been in there a very long time,

I have grown accustomed to them being there,

so much so that I do not even notice that I am tripping over them again and again.

There are things that are "cluttering" up my life, my heart,

keeping me bogged down and heavy laden.


I need to un-earth these things,

revealing what it is that is cluttering up my heart.

My soul house.

"Eliminate physical clutter.More importantly, eliminate Spiritual clutter."

~D.H. Mondfleur

What are these things for you?????

What are those things that are hiding in your heart?

Those things that have been buried deep and not dealt with for a very long time?

These are the things that you have decided are not worth dealing with,

or it was simply too hard to do,

or you just keep pushing it back in hopes that they would just go away!

Let me help you identify them.....

I have created a little list,

as you read it be thinking about your own "clutter"

and which of these things might also be yours.

Be open to God's still small voice and what He is speaking to YOUR heart to deal with.

Shame Bitterness Anger Resentment Pain Rejection

Fear Regret Condemnation Insecurities

Lack of Self-Esteem Grief Anxiety Worry

The feeling of not being good enough, never enough..........

Mull this over.......

Pray about this.

Seek God in your quiet place and I will be back to share more.

Hopefully tomorrow!!!!

Love & Blessings!!!


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