Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning Your Heart and Home...Part TWO

Awwww...so glad you are back! :) I bet you came back because I told you that there are surprises awaiting you IF you do return....if you ENDURE!!! So, you took your little break, got a breath of fresh air and you are back to finish the process of spring cleaning. As you have encountered many things that you need to put away, give away and throw away you will also find a few surprises. Those things you might have forgotten about. Things that have great meaning and yet they have been buried amongst the rubble. I am going to tell you about the treasures I found in my own closet. Just recently I thought I would love to begin a collection of old Bibles. One of the customers we have decorated for has one and I was so impressed with it, that I thought I would like to have a collection of my own. Lo and behold...as I was cleaning out my closet I came across two precious Bibles I had forgotten about. One is a little hardback, black Bible that was given to me when I was only seven years old at a church that some family friends had taken me to. That was the only Bible this little girl ever held. What a treasure!!! The other is a white leather Bible, with gold imprinting bearing mine and my husbands names. It was a gift from my mom and dad on our first wedding anniversary....which was 33 years ago!! Another priceless treasure indeed!! Had I not dug through the old, the yuck, the clutter...I would have never found the treasures that were buried in there. I wonder what YOU will find? What treasures are lurking in YOUR closet??? EMBRACE those treasures!!!!! They are gifts from God! Well now that you have cleared out the junk and found some precious treasures, it is time to EMPLOY your organizing tools and begin putting these things back into your closet using a little creativity and a sense of order. Use some baskets to house all your beautiful scarves; shoe shelves for your shoe collection; organize your hanging clothes by color and type to make things so much easier to find. There are so many things you can do that takes little or no money and will create a pleasant environment that you will encounter on a daily basis. Ahhhh yes! It feels so good to have accomplished this task. It was hard work, and now you can stand back and admire the end result of all your efforts. But, you cannot expect it to remain that way without further effort. You are going to have to ENFORCE some maintenance habits to keep it that way. Remember some basic rules that will help you keep it that way. Things like; "Don't put it down, put it away." My own personal rule of thumb is, no matter how much I do not want to, I MAKE myself hang everything back up when I am trying on outfits when I am done. Some days I just don't want to, I want to leave them lying there on the floor, but I won't let myself do it, because I know I do not want to face that mess at the end of the day AND I know how big the pile will become if I do not keep it in check. Come up with your own rules, a maintenance routine to keep your closet looking so fabulous. Now your closet is so inviting and fresh and open.... Hmmmmm................just think about how your HEART is going to be!!! Our hearts take just as much effort as our physical houses do & the process is very much the same, AND the reward is just as amazing!!! I cannot wait to share that part with you...it is my favorite part of this message, but it will have to wait. Stay tuned!!!!! XO

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  1. LOVEEE it.
    You are amazing and inspiring. I think I will do some spring cleaning today. Of my heart, my mind and my closet. XO