Saturday, December 31, 2011

I LOVE New Years!!!!!

A fresh start...
A clean slate....
A new chapter.....

However you see the new year, one thing is for sure, it does us good to pause and reflect over the past. Not to dwell on and fret over the bad parts, our mistakes and blunders....but to learn and grow from them. To use them as stepping stones into the future. No lessons are wasted if we learn from them.

As we enter into the new year with an empty calendar waiting to be filled up, take time to think about what filled up the calendar last year. How much of that did you WANT? How much of it was just getting by and muddling through? How much of it was focused and deliberate?

If we don't plan and set goals we will just flounder and find ourselves at yet another threshold of a new year wondering what happened to the time! Why didn't I get anything done? Why have I not seen change and progress in my life?

I make it a practice every year to sit down with my calendar (I jot down what happens on a daily basis, just a few sentences as a synopsis) and recall all that filled my days, where I went, what I did, who I was with, that which made me happy and that which I sure would like to do without next year.
Of course much is out of our control. I sure cannot tell the US Marine Corp to quit sending my son to war! However there us much that is in our control if we really think about it. A lot depends on the choices we make.
When I am looking over my calendar I like to take stock of what took up my time and evaluate if that lines up with how I WANT my life to be filled, how I feel God has meant me to live this life.

Once again there are certain things we MUST do. Most of us have to work, and that will undoubtedly take up a large portion of your time. How you fill the rest up, is up to you.

In my case I function on limited amount of energy due to my chronic health issues. I try to carry on and act like that is not a part of my life. Yet in reality it determines a great deal. If I have used up my energies doing things that really do not matter to me then I have nothing left to give to those things that DO matter.
It is a terrible thing to find yourself void of stamina and energy when you want to spend time with your grandchildren! So, I am learning....ever so slowly....that I am not superwoman and no longer the energizer bunny my husband once dubbed me. Unfortunately try as I might I have limitations.....
I ONLY tell you this to open your eyes to YOUR OWN limitations. We ALL have them.

What are yours? Identify them. Know what they are so you know what it WILL take to be able to fulfill your desires. What saps you? What drains your energy levels?

There is an old exercise that is fun to do....Create a list of DRAINS and FILLS.
Drains being those things that sap you of energy, happiness, peace, etc. FILLS being those things that make you feel good and happy and peaceful.
That might be a good place to begin as you ponder the new year and how you WANT to spend your time and energies. Keeping a list like that handy to refer to now and then will surely help you remember what really matters and what does not. What you forgot to remember...and what you should be forgetting about....

There is definitely no better time to start than NOW....the new year, the fresh slate, the clean page......

Okay, I need to get back to my lists and those calendars that are begging to be written in! I think I will schedule in some time for pursuing some of my goals for the new year. How about you!?

May God bless you and keep you all the days of your life!!


  1. Happy New Year my friend. I have been giving much the same thoughts to this new year, it is a season of change for me, big change. I am working to consciously choose how I spend my time and not allow so much to just happen. Time for me to take charge. XOXO

  2. Always love reading after you my dear sweet Sherry. You are such an inspiration to me, thankful God put us two together! I am going to take charge of my life like no one else can!! Because I'm the only one that can:)
    Love you much